Free Perspective PowerPoint Template

Presentations have the power to inform, convince, and even change your audience’s perspective. It also has the power to instruct, inspire, and enlighten.¬†Therefore, each time you create a presentation, it must be clear and compelling, as well as effectively delivered to engage your audience.


The Free Perspective PowerPoint Template is the perfect companion for all your presentation needs because of its clean layout and high-contrast design. It has a gradient gray to dark gray background that is set off by coordinating orange fonts and shapes that give it an interesting pop of color. Additionally, this template has page and date headers to bring in a more professional look.

Clean Lines and Clutter-Free Design

This template is specially designed to suit almost any type of business, educational or personal presentation. It can be used for reports, analysis, planning, manual, training, as well as for brainstorming. Its clutter-free look even makes it perfect for infographics.

To customize this template, simply go to the Design menu and format the background. You can also change the coordinating fonts and other design elements to suit the theme you have. You can also remove the headers or footers, add logos on every slide, and further personalize the template each time you use it for any presentation.


Easy Collaboration and Sharing

What is even great about this free template is that it is in PowerPoint Online, therefore giving you plenty of opportunities to access, edit, and modify it anytime you want, even when you are not on your desk. This makes it great for people who are on-the-go, like traveling agents and employees who are on business trips.


Another great feature of this cloud-based template is that it makes it easy for you to collaborate with your colleagues or team on a presentation project, which you can share via social media as well. You can work with other people and watch your slideshow come to life as the updates get reflected on the presentation as they happen.

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