6 Secrets to Engage Audience During a PowerPoint Presentation with Activities

Engage Your Audience

Presentation is a delicate art and so one must choose his or her creative voice cautiously. When giving a PowerPoint Presentation, engaging your audience is the most important thing. Without the attention of your audience, you cannot achieve your objective. Your challenge is not only to make the listeners want to listen but also help them to remember and act on the thoughts you share.

PowerPoint is a remarkable tool and can be used to enhance the quality of your presentation. Its purpose is to add emphasis to the key points you are trying to make. It is not destined as a way of presenting a comprehensive report with all the explanations, reasons, figures and facts included.

6 Secrets To Engage Audience

It is definitely not your audience’s job to be persuaded or engaged, it is totally up to you how you engage them during a PowerPoint presentation. Following are some great techniques that you can use to engage the learning state and emotions of your audience:

Activities and Games

Get your audience involved in games and activities that help them collect information and get to know one another. If they sit too long, their brains start to operate more in a passive mode than in active mode. You can make your presentations interactive by using PowerPoint toolkits like the Game Show PowerPoint Template.

Precise Statistics

You can surprise your audience by handling statistics and numbers carefully. It can not only prove your point but will add something to your presentation. Also, detailed instructions should be provided on a handout and charts and graphs have to be simple enough for the audience to understand.


Talented and skilful presenters use the technique of repeating important points all through their presentations. Naturally, a creative presenter uses different ways to repeat the same points, otherwise it can be quite frustrating for the audience.


Stories are effective because there is no individual who does not have their own story. Every person can imagine themselves participating in the story. The best part is people will sometimes remember them for a longer period of time. If you use stories, you can simply get your point across with longer retention, better understanding and in short span of time.


During the presentation, your audience is likely to remember less than 30% of the sentences. However, they will remember 85% of the questions you ask. The best questions are ones that get your audience agreement, shock them to attention and get them thinking. No doubt, by asking questions you deepen the audience conviction and understanding.


If you speak in threes, people tend to remember the points of your presentation better. You can consider these well known phrases such as: Up, Up and Away – Country, God and Duty – Love, Hope and Faith and the like. Thus, this effective technique will certainly help you make your presentation a perfect one.

By incorporating these tips into your delivery, you will be on the way to capture your audience attention and changing the way they behave or think.

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