Earthscape HD Video Background Template For PowerPoint

Presenter Media has always been a great source for downloading high quality video animations. We have previously brought you a range of reviews of HD video backgrounds for PowerPoint. This time we have another finely crafted animated background which depicts planet Earth with two small globes rotating on the side, as if they were to be presenting the schematics of the center animation.

Earthscape HD Video Background Template

Earthscape is an HD video background template which depicts a rotating globe, with two planets rotating alongside. This video background template for PowerPoint can be customized by adding your own content to the animated slide.


You can duplicate to create multiple slides with this animation and edit the given textboxes to add text. Furthermore, you can also add images to this video background and preview the result in Slide Show mode to create custom slides with the Earthscape animation running in the backdrop.

Rotating earth video

The Earthscape video background template can also be downloaded in various commonly used video formats. The downloaded videos can be used freely in presentations, YouTube videos and other types of projects without worrying about copyright restrictions.

Go to Presenter Media – Earthscape HD Video Background Template

Earthscape video background

Earth Rotating Animation

If you need a simple GIF animation of a rotating globe then this animated clipart is what you need. You can easily insert this GIF animation in your slides, resize and reorder it via drag and drop. This gives you the flexibility to create an animated slide by incorporating a simple GIF animation. Furthermore, it can also help you add some visual appeal to your content by making it more eye-catching.

Earth rotating GIF

This animation is also available in Flash and MOV video formats. You can also change the size, animation, color and adjust the brightness and shadow of the animation before downloading it.

Go to Presenter Media – Earth Rotating Animation

Earth rotating animation

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