Free North America Map PowerPoint Template

North America is a great and powerful continent, and if you are a history teacher or just a geography buff, you’ll like this next template. The Free North America Map PowerPoint Template is a geography-inspired template that you can use for school or work presentations.


This map template is free to download and use. It’s also part of a free series that features six continents of the globe, so you got yourself a deal if you’re going to have presentations related to each of the continents.

This particular template focuses on North America, as you can easily see in the map on the title slide. The background is subtle and neutral, with white and light grey gradients. There is also the North America map to give your audience an early idea of what your presentation will be about even without looking at the title. The title, as well as almost every text in the template is in black, which easily makes it stand out against the background.

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This template is in widescreen format, making full use of the horizontal space so you can clearly present your information in many ways, with tables, graphs, and diagrams. The layouts, as you can see when you go over the inside slides, are also clean, fuss-free, modern, and crisp. This allows you to focus more on your content.

If you’re a geography or history professor, you can find this template fun and easy to work with. You can also use this if you’re in sales and want to tackle your reports for the continent. If you’re a regional manager, this template is for you too. There are many other uses for this template, and it is up to you to customize it to suit your particular preferences.


One tip is to change the font colors to make your text pop out even more against the neutral background. You can also create your own layouts by using a blank slide. Just go over the template and you’ll see that there are many easy ways in which you can personalize this template.

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