Free South America Map PowerPoint Template

Last updated on May 4th, 2024

If you’ve ever been in South America, then you know just how amazingly diverse the continent is. From sprawling farmlands, majestic mountains, and pristine beaches, South America is truly a land that showcases much of nature’s beauty. Now, if you are a history teacher or just someone who knows a lot about the continent and wants to share it, then this next template is for you.


Highlight the Beauty of South America

The Free South America Map PowerPoint Template is a beautifully designed template that students, instructors, and businesses can use. This template is part of a series of related slide templates that each feature one continent. This South America template for PowerPoint & Google Slides presentations features a map and a modern layout to highlight everything there is about this lovely continent.

Set in a widescreen format, you can be sure that you’ll get the most out of this template, the same way that your audience will easily get what you have to say about South America. This template has a subtle white and light gray gradient background, and there is a gray silhouette of the continent that stands out. This look completes the look of the title slide.


Customize to Add Pop of Color

You can use the graphs, tables, and diagrams to further customize this template. And if you want a different look, you can also format them in PowerPoint. Just make sure that you use the right charts, graphs, and diagrams for the information that you want to convey. Also, keep in mind to use coordinating colors to make your whole presentation look uniform and professionally made.


This template has a total of 11 slides that are all up and ready for you. However, if you have quite a lengthy presentation, you can duplicate these slides or add more slides via the Insert or Home menus. You can also rearrange and delete some slides that you don’t need so you can fully customize your presentation.

Go to Download Free South America Map PowerPoint Template – Update! Unfortunately removed this content from its catalog, but you can still download an editable South America Map template for PowerPoint here.

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