Free Market Research PowerPoint Template

During a market research process lot of information is gatehered and organize this information might be a hard task. However, if you are preparing a presentation on market research you may be interested to use some nice awesome PowerPoint diagrams and figures to impress your audience and get the most from this research. Below you can download a free Market Research PowerPoint template containing a single slide but an impressive circular diagram in PowerPoint that you can edit for your market research presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Free Market Research PowerPoint Template

In a Market Research process you need to gather information about markets or customers and it is a very important component of any business strategy plan.

A Market Research Presentation Template for PowerPoint

During a Market research process you can gather information, then analyze this information and determine the trends. You can use the following market research diagram or illustration to describe the market research plan as a Do Plan act Check diagram. The circular and layered diagram for PowerPoint contains a nice diagram style with different colors for the levels and labels including Potential Product, Augmented Product, Expected Product, Basic Product and Core Benefits.

Do plan act check diagram for PowerPoint

Market Research Vs Marketing Research

While Market Research involves tasks like analyzing market trends, market size, or target a market, Marketing Research is focused on Advertising effectiveness, A/B Tests, Brand Attitude analysis as well as concept testing, satisfaction and others. However, there is a subset overlapped between these two concepts including competition analysis, pricing analysis, product attributes, demand estimation, etc. so we can say that are related concepts. You can use this free diagram for market research or marketing research analysis.

Free Market Research PowerPoint template

Top market research companies include Nielsen, IMS Health Inc., Kantar group, Westat, Arbitron, Ipsos and other. If you need more ideas how to use this template, you can combine this diagram for Market Research with other Market Research Surveys to make a PowerPoint presentation.

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