Free Event Budget Template For Excel 2013

Effective and efficient event management means that an event is on schedule and within budget, among other things. Successful events have a lot of careful planning behind them, and one of the most important resource, the finances, needs adequate budget.

Create a Budget for Your Event

Track Your Event Budget

The Free Event Budget Template for Excel 2013 is a wonderful mix of detailed information, auto-computing figures and visual representation all in one package. This free Event Budget Template allows you to set and prepare the expenses needed for the event and create a realistic budget. This ensures that all your activities in preparation for the event and in the event itself, fall within your budget. This helps you avoid spending on unnecessary things and overspending on some.

It shows graphical representation of your expenses and compares them to your income. Each income and expense also has actual and estimated values, this time to compare how much you have actually deviated from your plan.

Shows Estimated and Actual Income and Expenses

Know Your Income

The Free Event Budget Template works best for Excel 2013. The template is divided into three worksheet tabs: Dashboard, Expenses and Income.

The Dashboard contains all the information you need to see and analyze your event budget. It contains summaries of your financial activities, your actual costs and estimated costs, as well as your profit. This worksheet also contains the pie chart where you can see how much of the total funds are from the income and how much is being spent. There are also graphs that allow you to determine just at a glance how well your budget is going.

Easily See Whether Event Made Profit

The Expenses and Income are two worksheet tabs that enumerate the various categories that fall under them. The Expenses contain expenditures such as Site Rental, Decorations, Publicity Prizes, Food, Refreshments, and more. The Income on the other hand show the avenues in which money comes in, like Admissions, Ads, Exhibitors or Vendors, and more.

This Excel template is perfect for event managers or organizers in charge of holding an exhibit, trade show, expo, concert, play, conference, or even personal events like birthdays and weddings.

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