Simple Monthly Budget Template for Excel 2013

If you need to prepare a monthly budget spreadsheet to keep track of your personal expenses and income, then you can speed up the design process by using a simple budget template for Excel. From the Office website we can download free simple budget templates for Excel that will help to focus on the budget data.

The spreadsheet and template is very basic but useful for personal use since allows you to keep track of expenses and different income streams. You can use this simple but free template for Excel to know the percentage of income spent and get the total monthly income and expenses with a quick view.

The budget template for Excel 2013 has a table to enter the income data and then you can enter the expenses line by line. As you can see, it is using the AutoExpandable table feature in Excel 2013 so you can add more rows to the expenses table if needed.

Then you can see a nice bar chart with your income vs. the expenses.  This chart was created using a bar chart style buy you can easily change it if needed. The Monthly expenses table data lets you enter amount for different items, for example rent and mortgage or electric expenses (you can learn more about how to get free electricity), gas expenses, cell phone expenses, car payment, auto insurance, personal care, as well as expenses for credit cards, entertainment or student loans).

You can also download this free Excel 2013 template and use it in previous versions of Excel, like MS Excel 2010.

This template has the following features:

  • Keep track of income data
  • Enter expenses data in a data table
  • Create a chart showing expenses vs income
  • Show the percentage of income spent
  • Get a summary of income and expenses

You can download this free Budget PowerPoint template from Office website, or you can also download other free PowerPoint templates and financial PPT templates for Microsoft PowerPoint 203 and 2010 and Excel.

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