Avoid Text Overload in a Presentation With Speaker Notes

Last updated on August 20th, 2023

When we utter the word presentation, many of you will avow them to be a routine affair. But even if it’s like a daily dose, how many of you are sure of having nailed it the last time you went for your presentation. Rarely a few! This is why you will find the web flooded with tips and tricks on giving a good presentation.

Powerpoint Speaker Notes

Alongside basic points that we usually come across, there is one thing that does get ignored, i.e. the speaker notes. As the name suggests, these act as reference material meant to elaborate text stated in slides. When giving presentations, many-a-times we want to demonstrate a few points but fail to do it as the slide content may look messy. This is where, PowerPoint speaker notes can prove helpful in avoiding text overloading in a presentation.

In fact, quite often, it so happens that we end up forgetting a few points that we had planned to mention earlier, resulting in a not-so-good presentation. But with the help of speaker notes, you can stay free of any such concerns. The added advantage is that one can take out the printed page; it will be inclusive of a thumbnail view of slides and content, so that you are aware of slide order and the points that need to be stated.

But, don’t forget that the space given on the note is a part of slide and it will be very much visible to your audience, so making the right use is significant too. As a reference material, we include a few tips on how to avoid text overload in a presentation with appropriate usage of speaker notes. You can learn how to add speaker notes in PowerPoint with the ease of a few clicks.

  • In place of paragraphs, you may prefer points as these are more readable and even if it’s a long list of points, the content looks organized and well in place. As the notes pane can be enlarged as per your convenience, so write whatever you feel is required to justify your needs.
  • It is always preferred to pen down statistical data, as it is difficult to memorize and needs to be accurate. Thus, it saves a lot of time and effort that would have been otherwise wasted in the procedure of learning.
  • For effective usage, you can even highlight the important points, so that at the time of reading from the notes pane, there is no interruption in your presentation.

On the whole, speaker notes act as a reminder to ensure that your presentation flows smoothly and your audience enjoys it to the fullest. So, make the best use of this added utility to give a professional edge to your presentation.

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