Free Residential Lease Template for Word

A residential lease is a legally binding contract between a landlord and tenant. This template defines the rights of both parties, and the rules to be followed by the tenants while living in the landlord’s property. 

Professionally Written Legally Binding Lease Agreement

A good residential lease agreement or rental template should clearly define expectations about rent payments, care and maintenance of the property, pets, damages and repairs, insurance requirements, remodeling, and general rules for respectful and peaceful enjoyment of the premises during the length of the lease. It should also indicate rent and payment information.

The Free Residential Lease Template for Word is a professionally written template that uses precise wordings to cover all aspects of a residential lease and renting to tenants. A well-written template such as this helps provide legal protection for the property, tenants and the landlord.

Well-Defined Parameters and

This free Word template states a comparatively stable time of occupation in the property. This is different from rent wherein the time is flexible.

This Residential Lease Template for Word states the name and addresses of both the lessor and the lessee. It also includes recitals and eleven sections, including Subject of Lease, Term of Lease, Monthly Rental, Taxes and Utilities, Repairs, Liquidated Damages, and Governing Law, among others.

Clearly Written Agreement Document

To modify the template, just fill in the needed information in the blanks. The template guides you with the information that needs to be filled in with indicators beside the blanks. You can also add your own policies and other guidelines that are specific to your own property and rules for your tenants.

This lease template can be used for apartments, condominiums, duplex, houses, and any arrangement where there is a property to be occupied by a tenant for a particular period of time. This template is fairly standard but you have to consult with your local laws and ordinances to ensure that your residential lease agreement is in accordance to existing laws and policies.

You might also find the notice of rent increase template and rental template for Word quite useful for making rent notices and apartment lease agreements. Alternatively, you can also download this other lease agreement template for Word.


As the above template is no longer available, you can download alternative templates from the link below.

Go to Download Free Residential Lease Templates for Word (Alternative Templates)

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