Make effective brainstorming meetings using editable and hand-drawn PowerPoint graphics for your presentations or use some of the best techniques for brainstorming like the Six Thinking Hats approach introduced by Edward De Bono.

Paste by WeTransfer: Create Presentations Like Online Dashboards

Present Your Deck Online

WeTransfer is a name that needs no introduction. Most people know WeTransfer for providing a fast and easy way of sharing large files online. However, there are a number of other web apps offered by the same developer, which provide a number of useful functions that can make your everyday office tasks easier. One such …

Best Brain Clipart & Graphics For PowerPoint

revolving brain powerpoint template

PowerPoint users use brain clipart and graphics for various purposes. This includes; brainstorming sessions, mind maps and presentations about new ideas. We have compiled a list of some of the best brain clipart and graphics for you to choose from. The list below contains both free and premium clipart and PowerPoint templates with brain being …

Brainstorming Collaboration Template For Excel Online


Brainstorming is not as brain-wracking as you think it is. Brainstorming can be an easy task, if you know how to do it right. All you need is creativity, lots of ideas, and awesome tools to help you make your brainstorming sessions as productive as you can. You can also have a team with you …

Free Business Brainstorming PowerPoint Template

There are some topics for which a PowerPoint template is difficult to find and brainstorming sessions fit the bill. Free Business Brainstorming PowerPoint Template gives a minimalist layout which does something that very few PowerPoint templates do; it provides a step by step blueprint to help you conduct brainstorming sessions.

Best Six Hat Thinking PowerPoint Templates

The six thinking hats technique offers a creative thinking tool for managers  to solve problems and think differently while taking decisions, in meetings or even while making or executing plans. The model was introduced by Edward de Bono and it offers a powerful tool for brainstorming ideas and help during innovation process. You can break down your thoughts into six parallel areas …

How To Create Affinity Diagrams for Presentations

How To Create Affinity Diagrams for Presentations

Affinity Diagrams are a great productivity tool that you can use either for business or educational purposes to help organizing large amounts of data into their natural relationships and help people to take decisions. There are plenty of ways to create affinity diagrams for presentations. You can create affinity diagrams by inserting sticky notes using …

Idea Planner Template For Word Online

Stylish and Interesting Idea Planner Template for Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an activity where an individual or a group gets together to find a solution to a specific problem, or to come up with a central idea, by spontaneously gathering ideas as they come. This is a creative technique used by writers in publishing. It is also used in design, fashion and many more industries.

Evolution Of A Process Free PowerPoint Template


A PowerPoint presentation is an ideal medium to interestingly present information and concepts to an audience. Through a PowerPoint presentation, you can also make long and numerous amounts of data more appealing, if not boring, to your audience. You can embed pictures, videos, animations, tables, graphs and charts into your slides to grab your audience’s …

Free Ideas Template For PowerPoint With Light Bulb


Brainstorming is one of the most useful conceptualization techniques to help you with an idea for a project, a solution, a product or service, or a strategy, among many others. Through brainstorming, an individual or a group of people list down thoughts and ideas to come up with a main idea or a solution to …