Brainstorming Worksheet Template For Excel Online

Brainstorming is an interesting method of coming up with new ideas and finding solutions to problems. Often brainstorming requires more than one individual, especially during brainstorming sessions at work.

We have previously brought you a number of useful brainstorming tools, however, if you are looking for something simple, with online collaboration features, then you can try the Excel Online Template mentioned below.

List Ideas Online With Pros and Cons

The Brainstorming Worksheet Template for Excel Online is a free template which enables listing ideas with their pros and cons for brainstorming.

Brainstorming template for Excel Online

Rank Ideas and Sort them with Filters

The template provides with sections for adding your idea and listing pros and cons, as well as ranking the ideas in the list. The built-in filters allow sorting ideas, which makes it easy to manage and view ideas according to their relevance.

A side note in the template gives a suggestion to list as many ideas as possible in 5 minutes, followed by listing all the pros and cons that you can think of.

Brainstorm in Excel Online

The template comes with a black background, with white and yellow text to help make your ideas stand out with more prominence, as well as to allow you to highlight essential points in yellow. You can also collaborate with friends and co-workers by sharing this template with them via OneDrive.

Like all Excel Online Templates, you can also download this template offline via the File menu.

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