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If done the right way, meetings can be the catalyst for business growth and many opportunities. Some people in the corporate world see meetings as counter-productive due to improper planning and scheduling. A well-planned meeting will result in a well executed one and for this, there should be an agenda. 

The Free Agenda Templates for Word that we will discuss here are free Word Online Templates that you can conveniently access anytime and anywhere, using any mobile device. Through Word Online, you can open any of the agenda templates using any browser in your mobile device by simply logging in your Microsoft account. Another option is to access it online and then save it to your device and work on the template from there. Either way, you will have a professionally designed and elegant agenda for your next meeting.

free meeting agenda templates for word

Free Conference Agenda Template for Word Online

The Free Conference Agenda Template for Word Online is a blue-themed Word document that allows you to list down your meeting or conference agenda in an organized format. The template features a blue logo-like image that you can exchange for your own. Meanwhile, the Conference Agenda title can also be exchanged for your own conference title, or simply company name.

Have an Elegant and Sophisticated Conference Agenda in Minutes

The body of the template contains the agenda itself. There are two columns for the date and the events. The Date column allows you to type in multiple dates, making it perfect for conferences or even expos that last for more than one day. Under these dates is specific time, with a start and duration schedule. Next to these, on the other column, are the Event Names, Descriptions, Presenter Name and Company, as well as other information about the specific events.

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Customize to Your Company's Preference and Branding

Free Meeting Agenda Template for Word Online

This Free Meeting Agenda Template for Word Online is a formally designed template for meeting agenda. This can be used for most types of meetings in business and organizational settings. Even Parent-Teacher meetings can use this agenda template. It features a heading, or title, which you can change for your own title if you want to. Underneath are meeting details such as Location, Date, and Time.

The Agenda Details allows you to list the various items for your agenda, and any other descriptions or subcategories. The sample text shows you how the formatting and style goes. It also serves as a set of guides and instructions to help you create your own meeting agenda.

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Meeting Agenda for All Types of Meetings in School Office or Organization

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