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Learn how to use applications and web services which can enable you to conduct free meetings with remote connectivity. Also browse and download free meeting related document templates for making official documents.

The free tools mentioned below can be used for conducting corporate meetings, remote meetings, webinars, webcasts, online presentations and more.

How to Send Meeting Invites in Outlook

Easily Schedule Meetings and Ensure Response

These days, technology has come a long way in bringing people together, even at the workplace. Where once meetings are announced on office bulletin boards or in circulating memos, organizers can easily invite staff with just a few clicks of a button. Thanks to Microsoft Outlook, you can make sure that people know about your …

Company Meeting PowerPoint Template


Company meetings should be productive and jam-packed with all relevant information and updates employees need. Meetings should also be scheduled in a way that will not interfere with major operations. Furthermore, each company meeting must be organized.

Meeting Minutes Templates For Word


Many people feel that meetings are counter-productive, but they are really unavoidable in the workplace. Meetings can be productive with proper planning and time management. To help you make the most of your meetings and be on the right track with your business goals, these Meeting Minutes Templates for Word will be your must-have guide.

Free Agenda Templates For Word

Use this Template for Elegant Meeting Agenda Each Time

If done the right way, meetings can be the catalyst for business growth and many opportunities. Some people in the corporate world see meetings as counter-productive due to improper planning and scheduling. A well-planned meeting will result in a well executed one and for this, there should be an agenda. 

Free Meeting Minutes Template For Word

Professionally Designed Minutes

A well-planned and well-conducted meeting often produces great results for a company or organization. Through meetings, complex problems can be resolved, best practices can be shared, and the best decisions and solutions can be obtained. Taking minutes of the meeting is important in documenting the discussions and decisions, as well as listing the Action Points decided …

School PTA Meeting Agenda Template For Word


The School PTA Meeting Agenda Template for Word lets you plan your PTA meeting, list talking points and times allotted for each talking point or issue raised. This agenda template for Word is a handy tool for recording PTA meeting discussions, or minutes.

UberConference: Free Conference Calls With Social Info For Participants

Making conference calls can turn out to be quite messy as it can be difficult to determine who might be speaking at a given point in time and it can be immensely confusing to understand the process of making and managing calls using conventional conference calling services. UberConference is a web service which allows making …

Recording a TeamViewer Meeting Session

TeamViewer can be used for a number of applications besides remote technical support or controlling your computer remotely. You can use TeamViewer to play PowerPoint slideshows or any other remote presentation for a global team with participants around the world or online webinars. Since version 3.5 of TeamViewer, a session recording functionality has been added …

AnyMeeting: Hold Free Online Meetings, Webinars And Share PowerPoint Presentations With 200 Participants

As crowdsourcing and online collaboration have become quite common, it has become necessary for small, medium size and large organizations to organize online meetings and webinars to keep company employees at pace with the proceedings of various projects. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive to use common  online meeting platforms. AnyMeeting is a free online …

Top Alternatives for Online Meetings and Remote Conferences

Today we will show you some of the best alternatives to host presentations online and meetings with a group of participants that are spread along the planet. You can use the following software solutions to host PowerPoint presentations online or even other demos online as well as business meetings. The proliferation of high-bandwidth networks and growing …