Animated Circle Chart Template For PowerPoint

Circles and charts can help demonstrate different types of models in the form of diagrams that are easy to understand by an audience. The Animated Circle Charts Template for PowerPoint provides presentation slides with animated circle shaped diagrams which you can edit and customize to present different types of logical patterns.

Customizable Animated and Static Circle Charts

This PowerPoint Template features various circle charts, including animated and static slides to give presenters enough scope for diversification in their presentations. Your added text and images will play with the animated content, as the pre-rendered animations will seamlessly integrate with any added text and images.

animated circle chart template for powerpoint

Diverse Range of Sample Circle Diagrams

The circle charts come with a diverse range of patterns, such as in a pair of three, four and five circles with space for adding labels, title and description.

circle chart patterns

Similarly, there are also patterns where you can switch slide by slide, showing one circle at a time, with your own added text.

animated three circle chart

Sequential and Standalone Editable Circle Diagrams

Other than sequential circle slides, there are also standalone circle charts available in static and animated form, which can be used for making anything from timelines, process charts, comparison slides and virtually any type of diagram which may require representation in a set of two, three, four or five logical patterns. For example, you can even display a marketing mix or explain a product lifecycle by customizing the sample circle charts.

divided data circle chart

Whether you require dividing data in different sections, wish to create a diagram with different sets or patterns or require making basic slides with text and professional looking diagrams, this template can help you achieve all that. The circle sets and in some slides, individual circles, can also be adjusted via drag and drop and you can even copy-paste circles and sets to create your own diagrams.

connected circles sample chart

The Animated Circle Charts Template for PowerPoint works with PowerPoint and Keynote, including the following versions:

  • PowerPoint 2010-2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)
  • Keynote 09 (iPad and Mac)

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