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A well-planned and well-conducted meeting often produces great results for a company or organization. Through meetings, complex problems can be resolved, best practices can be shared, and the best decisions and solutions can be obtained. Taking minutes of the meeting is important in documenting the discussions and decisions, as well as listing the Action Points decided upon in the meeting. 

The Free Meeting Minutes Template makes documenting the minutes easy as it allows an organized way of recording and presenting the discussions and actions of the meeting.

Professionally Designed Minutes

Create Organized Meeting Minutes

The Free Meeting Minutes Template is a Word Template that allows you to record the important information of the meeting as well as the participants and discussions in the meeting. The design of the template is minimalist and streamlined. It allows you to clearly view the important details easily. The Meeting Title is located at the very top, where you can just type in your own meeting title. Underneath the heading, in smaller font size, are the Meeting Date, Time, and Location.

Organize your Agenda Topics and Action Points

The template also lets you just click on the text placeholders to type in details such as Meeting Called By, Type of Meeting, Facilitator, Note Taker, Timekeeper, and Attendees.

Don’t Miss Important Meeting Points

This free meeting template also has an area for typing in Agenda Topics. This portion is divided into three columns: Time Allotted, Agenda Topic, and Presenter. There is also space for typing in the Discussions and the Conclusion of the meeting.

Have Well-Documented Meeting Minutes

The template also presents specific Action Points tackled in the meeting. This portion is also divided into three columns, namely: Action Items (Topic/Action Point), Person Responsible (Presenter), and Deadline. Each set of action items has a space to record the discussion involving that action item and the conclusion.

You can also type in any additional notes in the Special Notes section so you do not miss anything about your meeting and even refer to the minutes in the future.

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