Make Staff Scheduling Easy And Increase Clientele With Shifthub

Shifthub is a web based staff scheduling application for small and medium size organizations which makes it possible to create and share schedules with employees to keep them updated about their shifts, with options to share details about business products and services with their personal contacts to help the business grow. To find out how to increase your clientele using Shifthub, see the video at the end of this post.

Easy Scheduling And Shift Exchange For Employees

Using Shifthub you can organize the schedules of your employees and create coordination between them so that they may be able to exchange shifts right from within Shifthub. Furthermore, automated reminders ensure that staff members are updated to get to work on time. Other features within this web app include; tracking options to log staff hours to help entrepreneurs and managers meet the designated payroll and budget.


Getting Started With Shifthub

While Shifthub is a paid service, you can try it out on a 30-day trial basis to assess its functionality. During the sign up process; specify whether you are an Admin or Employee and login. You will also have to specify your business location and home country, along with basic details like your name and email address. For the purpose of this post we will show Admin features.

Easy Scheduling And Shift Exchange For Employees

To begin scheduling your staff, add employees via the Add Employee button and specify the necessary details about the role of the employee in the business.

Add Employee Interface in Shifthub

Schedule Shifts, Create Wikis And Manage Teams

Once done, you can begin managing your team from options located at the left sidebar. These options allow adding Wikis, provide online collaboration features to help the staff and management schedule shifts and provide in-depth details about team members at a glance.

Create Schedule

Shifthub Mobile App

Shifthub also has an app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) which can further provide employees and management the flexibility of streamlining their staff schedules.

Shifthub Mobile App

What is an alternative to Shifthub?

There are other platforms available in the market, like Hotschedules, that let you organize the employee shifts. After pandemic, platforms like Shufthub or Hotschedules offer a convenient employee scheduling & management platform to manage their employee schedule with ease.

Final words

Employees can also check-in to work using GPS based time clock, receive push notifications for company updates, available shifts the employees can opt for and information about their new schedule. Furthermore, it provides an overview of current and upcoming shifts, a countdown clock to the time left for you to check-in for work and more. You can find out more about Shifthub and its iOS app from the video given below.

Shifthub currently costs $2 per user per month and the free version is only available on a trial basis.

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