Footsteps Clipart And Animations For PowerPoint

The most interesting presentations are ones that take us on a journey and allow the audience to explore the content and context of the topic, gradually. To do this you can add some mystery to your slides and unravel your storyline in a sequence. To help you add some mystery and interest to your slides we have some footsteps clipart and animations for PowerPoint that are bound to grip the attention of your audience.

Magnify Those Footsteps Animated Clipart

This is an animated clipart that can be inserted in PowerPoint slides as a GIF image or video. The animation can even be customized from the developer’s website where you can adjust the TINT, brightness, saturation and reflection of the animation. Furthermore, the animation is available in different resolutions and formats. The below image shows the animation in GIF format.

Magnify those footsteps clipart

In case you choose to download the animation as a video, you can download it as a Flash (SWF) or MOV file. The video version has various benefits, for example, it gives you the flexibility to further edit and mash the video with other animations in a video editing software for presentations and personal projects.

Footsteps video animation

You can also directly insert the video version of this animated clipart in PowerPoint. To find out how to do this, see our post about, How To Insert Videos in PowerPoint 2013.

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Footsteps animation for PowerPoint

Red Footsteps Walking Animated Clipart

The Red Footsteps Walking Animation can also be downloaded in GIF, SWF and MOV formats. You can insert the GIF image to play out the animation or add the video version of the animated clipart to suit your needs.

Red footsteps walking animated clipart

In case you would like to change the color of the footsteps, use the TINT option to select a desired color.

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Customize footsteps animation

Pair Boot Prints Static Clipart

You can also use this static clipart and insert it in slides to fashion an interesting story or to present a boring topic with some interesting imagery that can help you create a thought-provoking presentation by making your audience ponder over images with small amounts of associated text that you can add to ask a question or to present a portion of your argument.

This clipart can be downloaded in different resolutions as a PNG or JPG image file.

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Pair boot prints static clipart

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