Download JPG images and backgrounds for presentations or JPG pictures for your slide designs. You can learn how to use image and learn image optimization tricks for your PowerPoint presentations as well as other JPG and Image format tips.

Add Surreal Effects To Your Photos With Fotor Image Editor

In recent years there has been an influx of some interesting image editing apps which allow retouching images without the complexity of PhotoShop. While many apps like Prisma or Photo Lab come with basic filters, there are better options for comprehensively retouching your images without the need for extensive knowledge about image editing. Fotor image …

Customizable Business Card Clipart For PowerPoint

Business card clipart which comes with custom text and logo can help you create personalized business presentations, project proposals, corporate tutorials for employees and the like. Presenter Media provides some excellent custom clipart with the option to add your own text and logo to the clipart.

Customizable Caveman Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations about human evolution, history and ancient civilizations often result in a lot of yawning faces in the audience. Hence, you need to make your slides more interesting by using some fresh ideas for your presentation to ensure that you can keep your audience interested in your presented content, and most of all, awake!

Thank You Clipart For PowerPoint

Saying thank you, at the end of your presentation is more important than you might think. This simple gesture is among the basics of professional presentations and should not be ignored, as the conclusion of the presentation might seem abrupt otherwise or you may end up appearing rude before your audience. To say ‘Thank You’ …

Automated Factory PowerPoint Templates With Animations

A factory can represent many things when incorporated in a presentation theme. It might be used to explain the concept of team building or to explain the dynamics of a production process. Similarly, you might want to use an animation of a factory or assembly line to complement your flowchart. We have compiled a list of …

Footsteps Clipart And Animations For PowerPoint

The most interesting presentations are ones that take us on a journey and allow the audience to explore the content and context of the topic, gradually. To do this you can add some mystery to your slides and unravel your storyline in a sequence. To help you add some mystery and interest to your slides …

Getting Kicked Out Of The Door Clipart For PowerPoint

Sometimes all you need is a good clipart image to say it all. Be it kicking a bad habit or kicking out the competitor to take over a market, you can illustrate such basic ideas with the help of interesting clipart images and animations.

Using VBA to Export PowerPoint Slides to Images

We already have posted about how to use C# to programmatically export your slides to images, but today we’d like to show you an easy way to export your active presentation to images using VBA code. This can be very handly if you want to make a PowerPoint add-in using VBA and Macros and for example …

Quickly Scan Documents With VuPoint Portable Scanner With WiFi

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology you can simply save images directly into your memory card and that too with just a mere wave of your hand. Now, you must be wondering how? Well, with the help of VuPoint Portable Scanner with WiFi PDSWF-ST44T-VP you can have the easiest and fastest mechanism to transfer archive …