How To Insert A Video in PowerPoint 2013

Inserting a video in your PowerPoint presentation can make it that much more interesting. Instead of walking through an audience through complex concepts, it is much easier to showcase a brief video with all the necessary details laid out in an easy to grasp manner. There are various methods by which you can insert a video in PowerPoint 2013, let’s see what those methods are.

Insert Videos from Online Sources

Online videos can be quite helpful in explaining complex concepts and the best part is that you might not even have to make a new video from scratch, as you can use one from YouTube, Facebook or other online sources to incorporate in your presentations.

For the purpose of this post we will use the Movie Background PowerPoint Template.

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How to insert a video in PowerPoint 2013

Adding Videos from YouTube, Facebook, OneDrive and Other Sources

To insert a video to your slide, go to the Insert tab, click Media-> Video and select Online Video. Now, search for your video, select the video and click Insert. To include videos from your OneDrive account, Facebook and other sources, you will require signing in to your Microsoft account via File->Account-> Sign in.

Insert youtube video to PowerPoint 2013 slide

Insert YouTube Videos to PowerPoint With iSpring Pro Add-in

Unfortunately, inserting YouTube videos to PowerPoint slides has been quite dysfunctional since a while with no immediate remedy offered by Microsoft. What you can do to circumvent this issue is to use a third-party tool like iSpring Pro to insert YouTube videos to PowerPoint slides.

Insert Videos from Your PC

To insert a video from your computer go to the Insert tab, select Media->Video-> Video on my PC and pick a video from your computer. PowerPoint 2013 supports a wide range of video formats including, WMV, AVI, Mp4, MPEG-2, ASF, SWF and MOV.

Insert video to PowerPoint 2013 from pc

Tip: To avoid any playback issues during your presentation, save the video and PowerPoint file in the same folder.

Insert video to a PowerPoint 2013 slide

Benefits of Adding Videos to PowerPoint Presentations

The benefits of adding videos to your slides are infinite. For example, say you are giving a presentation to train IT professionals about the use of Windows server 2012, you can make use of videos uploaded by various YouTube channels, including videos from the official Microsoft channel. Similarly, you can showcase your marketing demos, advertisements and how tos during a presentation by adding a video to your slides.

Tip: You can use a relevant template to complement your videos, such as the use of an Abstract Template or one that can adjust your video and make it appear like a frame, such as a Movie Themed Template.

Tips for adding and managing videos using PowerPoint 2013

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