FlowChart.com: Free tool to make diagrams online

FlowChart is another free tool that you can use to make online diagrams and then share online with your colleges. FlowChart is in beta and only available with invitee, but as soon as you reach their webpage and enter your email you will get an invitation to join. Then you can enjoy the application to make online diagrams using the wysiwyg interface.

FlowChart offers a powerful online diagram editor that enables you to draw shapes and create diagrams for your business or personal use. The editor has a lot of different elements available to be used, for example the toolbar lets you save your work and export the diagram to cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox, while the left pane allows you to add pre-existing diagrams or clipart to the canvas.

Some of the diagram templates include Affinity Diagrams (like in the example), Family Tree, Design Process diagrams, Improved Order, SWOT analysis and even Swimlanes or Quiz Software. You can create your own diagrams with custom needs. FreeChart is in conclusion a great productivity tool that you can use as a free alternative to other complex solutions like Microsoft.

Aside the cloud integration to save your diagrams to the cloud space on Dropbox or Google Drive, you can also save the diagram template, which is very useful in case you need to create similar diagrams in the future.

Other complex diagrams can also be created for example if you need to make vertical timelines and organizational charts. Once you design your diagram, you can export the final output to PNG, PDF or SVG. From here, you will be able to embed the diagram in any PowerPoint presentation.

Learn more in http://flowchart.com/editor

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