Fitness Progress Chart Template For Excel

For anyone who aims to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight or stay fit, it is important to keep tabs on how much calories come in what you eat on your diet, and how much weight you are putting on or losing regularly. Your body mass index must be appropriate, meaning your body mass must be enough for your height.

Calculate for your BMI and Other Data

The Fitness Progress Chart Template for Excel is a wonderful template for anyone who wants to keep track of how they are doing with their diet, nutrition, and exercise routine. This fitness template works best in Excel 2013 but has backward compatibility with earlier Excel versions. Also, it is available for men and women.

Know Your Progress, Keep Motivated

Many people would find that knowing their progress and recording it on a regular basis can help them get better motivation. The Fitness Progress Chart Template for Excel contains a Date column for listing your weekly progress.

Visually Display your Progress in Categories

The Fitness Progress Chart also contains columns for your weight (in kilograms), chest width (in centimeters), Waist (in centimeters), hips (in centimeters), and the Estimated Lean Body Weight, Estimated Body Fat Weight, Estimated Body Fat Percentage, and Estimated Body Mass Index. These columns in grey are automatically calculated once you type in your vitals.

Separate Templates for Men and Women

Of course, men’s and women’s bodies are different and their fitness needs are different as well. This free Fitness Progress Chart Template for Excel has two versions both available for download at the Microsoft portal. The fitness progress chart template for men takes into consideration the body types and BMI of men while the template for women is customized for women.

Progress Chart for Men

The fitness progress chart for men lets you measure your weight, chest width, waist, and hips. Meanwhile, the fitness progress chart for women lets you measure and type in your weight, chest, waist, hips, wrist and forearm.

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