Funny Presentations:Notes To Deliver A Humorous Presentation

Last updated on April 13th, 2023

Something about making other people laughsomehow draws them to you! Humor is a potent tool when it comes to catching people’s attention. And while giving a presentation, if you can make your audience laugh, you’ve succeeded at becoming a great orator!

But let’s clear a few things: not every presentation can become humorous. You can’t start cracking jokes at your company’s boardroom meeting while discussing the fall in profit. That would be inappropriate and could even land you in serious trouble with your boss. On other occasions, humor is excellent and even loosens up your audience.

funny presentation tips

Here are a few points to add humor to your topic, for a successful presentation

What do your friends & family find funny in you?

The first for everything is research and it’s no different for a presentation too! What you need to do is find out what your friends and family find funny about you. Everyone has one specific ‘funny’ area where they excel the most and you need to find out what’s that area where you excel the most. After you find out what that area is you can easily weave it into your presentation and make your audience laugh just the way you excel at making your friends and family laugh.

What makes you laugh?

When it comes to humor and comedy, everyone likes different things. Say some people might be ardent fans of standup comedy whereas other people wouldn’t like standup that much. With a little bit of introspection you will be able to figure out what makes you laugh, like puns, slapstick, standup etc. It’s always a good idea to incorporate stuff that makes you laugh into your presentation. Chances are just like it makes you laugh it will make your audience laugh too.

Watch comedy shows and learn from comedians

This is the exciting part of any research because you can watch TV shows and other stuff! As much as it might look like you are slacking off but this step is crucial. Look at how other comedians perform, what they say, and how they make their audience laugh. As they say, you can learn a lot about a man by just observing him! Stalkers obviously took this statement literally!

Learn from Brad Montgomery, a funny motivational speaker who speaks how happiness can be used as a tool to increase profitability and about happiness at workspace.

If you carefully implement these three points in your presentation, you’ll not only end up with a winning presentation but will also end up catching the attention of your audience!

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