Download free dietary PowerPoint templates and nutrition facts label template for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations containing nutrition facts like protein, cholesterol, carbohydrates. Also you can download free food label PowerPoint presentation template or learn how to make a nutrition facts label for free or how to make a nutrition facts label on Microsoft Word.

Recipe With Shopping List Template For Word


If you’re an avid foodie, cooking newbie, or simply want to try on a new recipe for a special dinner, you can’t stress enough the importance of having every ingredient, kitchen gadget, and equipment prepared before you start cooking. There’s nothing worse than mixing most of your ingredients for that pound cake only to forget …

Exercise Activity Tracker Template For Excel


Keeping fit and healthy has plenty of benefits. The effort it takes to ensure that you are eating right and staying active far outweighs the risks and diseases caused by living a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, engaging in activities such as sports, jogging, and hiking allows you to spend time outdoors with friends and your environment and to …

Desktop Nutrition Tracking Database Template For Access 2013

Maintain a Healthy, Active Lifestyle by Keeping Daily Records

Today, we are barraged with many food choices that are all enticing. It is very easy to make a whimsical decision or go for a craving, against better, healthful choices. Before you know it, you may find yourself in a health rut. More than ever, it is important to keep track of not only your …

Fitness Progress Chart Template For Excel

Calculate for your BMI and Other Data

For anyone who aims to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight or stay fit, it is important to keep tabs on how much calories come in what you eat on your diet, and how much weight you are putting on or losing regularly. Your body mass index must be appropriate, meaning your body mass must …

Calculate Sugar Intake With Sugar Gram Calculator Template For Excel

One of the biggest culprits for causing obesity is sugar. If there are any specific types of calories that you need to keep an eye on, it’s the sugar intake. The Sugar Gram Calculator is an excellent Excel Template which helps you calculate sugar intake by entering the grams of sugar per servings.

Free Weekly Meal Template For Excel 2013


Whether you are a single professional, a mother, a wife, a food enthusiast or just wanting to track your meals and food intake, this template is a helpful tool. The Free Weekly Meal Template for Excel 2013 lets you plan your weekly meals to help you stick to your diet, with columns for breakfast, lunch, dinner …

Diet And Exercise Journal Template For Excel 2013


Gyms and diet solutions are getting popular still. New exercise methods and weight-loss formula are being advertised to entice people to lose weight and get into better shape. Still, the core principle behind a healthy body and a beautiful figure is still anchored on two things: proper, balanced diet and regular exercise. The Diet and …

How to Make a Nutrition Facts Label for Free for your Nutrition PowerPoint Templates and Presentations

Nutrition Facts Label is a popular label that appears on most packaged food in many countries including US. This is a very popular label containing the nutrition facts and nutrition information such as calories, nutrients and other information that is very useful to learn more about the product. If you need to show the nutritions …