Animated Fitness PowerPoint Template

Fitness Tracking PowerPoint Template

Fitness has always been a priority for many people regardless of age. This is especially true these days when there are a lot of trends involving health and keeping fit. In fact, there are even many gadgets and technologies dedicated to tracking our fitness and ensuring that we follow our health regimens. Now, if you’re …

Free Printable Body Mass Index Chart

A Body Mass Index Chart is a very useful tool if you need to visualize & analyze the underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obesity of a person based on his height. Here you can get access to a simple BMI Chart template created in Google Sheets. You can use this template to print a Body Mass Index chart. This BMI …

Exercise Activity Tracker Template For Excel


Keeping fit and healthy has plenty of benefits. The effort it takes to ensure that you are eating right and staying active far outweighs the risks and diseases caused by living a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, engaging in activities such as sports, jogging, and hiking allows you to spend time outdoors with friends and your environment and to …

Animated Nutrition PowerPoint Templates

There are a number of handy healthy food templates for Office applications that we have covered in previous posts, ranging from fitness plan templates, templates related to the healthcare sector and menu maker templates for making professional or personal menus. However, when it comes to making presentations about food, nutrition, healthcare and fitness, the Animated …

How To Create And Track Your Fitness Plan With Excel Online

Record Your Information and Track Your Fitness Progress

Through the decades, there have been many diets and fitness routines that have come and gone. However, they all tell us the same basic principles of good health: eating right, eating in moderation, and physical activity. It is always important to have a goal in mind and to motivate yourself to a better, healthier you. 

Fitness Progress Chart Template For Excel

Calculate for your BMI and Other Data

For anyone who aims to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight or stay fit, it is important to keep tabs on how much calories come in what you eat on your diet, and how much weight you are putting on or losing regularly. Your body mass index must be appropriate, meaning your body mass must …