Essential Skill for PowerPoint Presentation

Almost all companies employ PowerPoint software for creating professional audio visual presentations. You all may be familiar with the features offered by this tool, undoubtedly these all are very helpful, interesting and of course sufficient enough to make your presentation attractive along with informative.

Apart from these features, if you want to make your presentation effective you must be thoughtful of information you need to include in your presentation and you must have essential presentation skills to deliver it in a best way.

Here we are discussing a few things that are required to be kept in mind while delivering presentation to make it effective and successful.

PowerPoint slides

  • First and foremost important tool is slides themselves, to make them attractive you need to limit text on it, should not exceed 2s5 words per slide.  Use rich formatting pattern, especially bullets for clear representation of your information.
  • Use appropriate images and graphics. Keep slides uncluttered and simple so that your audience could read your slides quickly. This will allow them to listen to you.

Body Language

  • For any type of presentation your body language should be positive as it plays a major role. For instance, if you need to emphasize any point your body language will help you to do so. Your body should cast your enthusiasm for presentation. On contrary, your nervousness can also be reflected through your body language. Thus, you need to work on it and try to keep it positive by curbing your nerves during presentation.
  • Facial expressions also plays same role. Body language along with facial expressions reemphasize core and heavy points of your presentation.
  • Gestures are also included in it. Your hand movements may influence your facial expressions and help you to reinforce main points.

Eye Contact

  • Making eye contact is the best way to get attention of your audience and it enhance the way of interaction. However, its contrast can cast negative impact on audience. Therefore try to maintain eye contact with your audience throughout your presentation.
  • Remember, sometimes your eye contact may make some of your audience members nervous therefore try to make eye contact with everyone instead of anyone.

Way of Speaking

  • Your speaking style influence audience a lot, thus try to keep it simple but attractive, this can be done by modulating your voice pitch. Your voice tone and quality matters a lot and enunciate words clearly.
  • Control your voice rate it should be moderate neither too slow not too fast. Speak at your own pace but time must be honored.
  • Thus, vary your tone, adopt a bit rhythmic pattern this will help you to grab audience attention and response during your presentation.

Thus, by using these verbal and non-verbal methods of communication you can deliver your presentation in best way.

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