Best AI Tools for Presenters and Content Creators [2023]

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023

AI Tools for Presenters and Content Creators

The availability of reliable AI tools for presenters and content creators has increased over the years. Perhaps the trend has something to do with the various AI powered tools that have become household names like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana; giving rise to increased development of artificial intelligence powered tools for other purposes, such as to cater to the needs of people making presentations and online content. Our list of the best AI Tools for presenters and content creators contains some of the top-notch tools that can assist you in making and presenting engaging content for your audience. This list includes AI writer tools and other content generation platforms based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms and GPT-3.

1. Jasper AI

Jasper.AI (aka, aka Jarvis AI) is an AI powered tool that produces content based on user input. You can add your product data, including instructions regarding the tone of your content to produce AI based content. Jarvis Jasper uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI Model and it works with 25 plus supported languages.

Jarvis Presentation

With Jasper.AI, you can not only create content for your marketing presentation slides, documents and online ads, but also generate copy based on artificial intelligence that is free from plagiarism.

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How presenters can use in their day to day tasks? One of the powerful features of Jasper is the ability to chat with Jasper Chat. By using this feature, you can ask Jasper to provide an outline for your presentation.

In our example below, we have asked Jasper to generate a list of possible slides for a succession planning presentation, and Jasper returned a list of 7 possible items that you can include and use to define your presentation structure.

The prompt was: “Give me a list of slides for a succession planning presentation”

And the output generated was:

  • Introduction to succession planning
  • How to identify potential successors
  • Developing a recruitment and selection process
  • Strategies for developing successors
  • Implementing the succession plan
  • Evaluating the success of the plan
  • Conclusion/Summary

As a presenter, this output generated by Jasper Chat AI Tool might not be exhaustive but can give you an idea of a possible presentation structure to follow. In addition, even if it is not the same, it is the closest thing to interacting with ChatGPT with Jasper AI.

Did you know what GPT in ChatGPT stands for? GPT part in ChatGPT means “Generative Pre-training Transformer” (source).

2. Copy AI

If you’re a content creator who seems to be short of ideas and needs a head start in making content that is unique and fresh, can help you get that much needed boost. This artificial intelligence powered tool helps marketers automatically generate digital marketing content based on user input in seconds. You can try this tool on a 7 day access trial basis to see if it can help you pick up content creation according to your specific needs.

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3. Ink for All

Ink is a digital content creation platform that integrates an AI Co-Writing editor with an SEO Assistant. Ink also has a scoring system to inform users regarding the SEO score for their content to help produce the most SEO friendly text. Ink is based in the OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI model and can help to improve every part of your marketing funnel. The free version of Ink is limited to 10 articles and 25 SEO scoring search query analysis per month.

An effective distraction-free Editor that combines AI Co-Writing with SEO capabilities.
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4. Copysmith

Copysmith is a copyrighter for creating ads, emails, descriptions for your products, etc. This AI tool is not only meant for making digital content but can also be useful for writing text for formal communication. You can use Copysmith as a powerful AI writer tool by simply entering details about the type of content you wish to produce, a description of your audience, and a few keywords to automatically generate content suitable for your product, ad, tagline, etc.

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5. Scalenut

Scalenut is another AI tool that helps you to create content for a variety of business purposes, e.g.: presentations, documents, digital marketing, SEO, websites. Scalenut has been ranked as one of the best AI tools out there, and is the preferred option for many professional digital marketers, writers, professional SEOs and entrepreneurs. Scalenut provides you with an intuitive where you can generate content with the help of AI algorithms and collaborate with your team.

Scalenut is perfect for business enthusiasts and professionals. Its features covers a wide range of use cases. The most popular feature is the SEO hub. This SEO hub available in the Scalenut’s AI copywriter tool let you choose from a large list of SEO-friendly tools for writing content, like the long-form writing tool that you can use with the help of a SEO Assistant.

The Chrome Extension let you add the AI Tool into the Chrome browser, and hence, use the extension to write engaging, insightful and creative content. You can also take advantage of this extension and use it in online editors such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word online, or even while preparing PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations.

However, one of the most popular features is the Cruise Mode. With the Cruise Mode, you can create long-form articles with a simple 5 step process.

6. CopyMatic

Like Copysmith, Copymatic is an AI powered content creation platform meant for creating human-quality copy or content for your social media ads, blog posts, and landing pages. This tool provides you with a number of options for creating content based on the details you feed it.

7. Textio

Textio provides suggestions for your content to make it more inclusive, with suggestions regarding the impact certain words can have on the intended audience. Textio is an augmented writing platform that gives something even more elaborate than conventional writing assistants. It is commonly used for recruitment marketing but can also be handy for making your content more user friendly and inclusive.

8. AI Powered Microsoft Editor

Microsoft has made a number of changes to the Microsoft Editor over the years. In recent years, Microsoft Editor for Word, including its web-based version has undergone an overhaul, with the integration of AI to help document editing and styling, and the creation of resumes. Considering that many types of content including blog posts, documents, and even presentation-related material is often written in Word, the inclusion of AI support for the editor is a significant upgrade for the Microsoft Editor.

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9. Grammarly

Many people use Grammarly for checking spelling and grammar for their content in English. Over the years, despite the inclusion of AI support for the Microsoft Editor, some would argue that the capability of the latter has diminished in terms of picking spelling and grammatical mistakes as compared to the classic editor. However, Grammarly remains a reliable app for checking English grammar and spelling mistakes and provides valuable suggestions for improving content. Moreover, Grammarly enables users to pick the version of English suitable for their content including American English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English.

10. Linguix

Linguix is an online tool that AI powers to help you improve the copy of your emails, marketing messages, support content, and blog posts. Linguix has various tools to support your writing process with AI-powered tools and algorithms. The text rewriter functionality can leverage your content and achieve higher efficiency.

Linguix also includes a free grammar & spell checker. Using their online AI editor you can just type what you would like to say and Linguix will instantly show bold, clear, mistake-free content.

If you want to write copy that always sounds native, then Linguix can be the perfect companion. The new paraphrasing tool can provide suggestions on making your writing compelling, clear, and native. Linguix Paraphraser tool will help you rewrite and enhance any sentence. The tool can be used by authors, researchers, students, journalists, marketing professionals, attorneys, and everyone. We have used it to prepare the copy for this text block, achieving excellent results. Linguix has AI writing tools to support your writing process. As a paraphraser tool, it can be used not only by presenters, but also for SEO purposes, journalist and more.

Linguix also has a Chrome browser extension to improve your emails, work documents, or research papers on the fly while navigating the Internet. Activating this AI extension, you can use Linguix tools such as the AI-based grammar checking, rewriting, and shortcuts, within Outlook, Gmail, Google Docs, HubSpot, Salesforce, and any other website.

11. AI Powered Captions in PowerPoint

A few years back, Microsoft introduced PowerPoint Designer for helping presenters design slides using artificial intelligence. Since then, PowerPoint has seen AI integration on a much larger scale including the availability of Live captions and subtitles in one of more than 60 supported languages that appear as you speak and present your slides.

12. Writesonic AI Writer

Writesonic AI Writer

Writing can be a tedious task, but AI has changed that, and with the help of Writersonic tool, you can now write long-form blogs and articles with ease. Moreover, the AI onboard will help you in editing your work and honing it to perfection. In the list of features included on Writersonic, users can find a compelling AI Article and Blog Writer, a Paraphrasing Tool, a Text Expander tool, a product description generator which is great for e-commerce sites, or even an AI-powered landing page generator.

With the advanced features of Sonic Editor (an enhanced version of Google Docs), you can also write sales emails, essays, reports, and presentations like a pro! Writesonic is the world’s only AI writer that helps you write SEO-optimized long-form articles in 15 seconds.

13. GrowthBar SEO

GrowthBar SEO Tool with Artificial Intelligence

With GrowthBar you can write perfect blog posts very easy. AI powers this software, which helps you find keywords that are ready to be searched on Google. This is a great way to get high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites in your industry. GrowthBar SEO is powered by OpenAI. The app also features an editor that can make any word or phrase searchable.

14. Presenter Coach for PowerPoint

One of the most revolutionary AI powered tools by Microsoft in recent years has been the integration of Presenter Coach in PowerPoint. This AI based tool helps presenters to learn about the best methods to present their slides, with tips regarding the pacing of their slides, the pitch of their voice, and filler words.

Final Words

Artificial intelligence is likely to see greater integration across the various applications that we have become all too accustomed to using. Furthermore, it is likely that this integration will also be extended in new and innovative ways for the modern presenter and content creator in the form of various AI powered tools. Our list of the best AI tools for presenters and content creators can help you produce and present content more efficiently, as well as save time in producing it, especially when you are on a short deadline.

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