Organizing Slides in PowerPoint into Sections

Despite the fact that PowerPoint 2010 is available for a few years, not many PowerPoint users aware of this feature. You can divide your slides into sections and make it look more organized. This is one of the must-have new features of PowerPoint 2010.

If you have a massive number of Slides in your giant Presentation project, this tool will certainly come in handy if you are handling Business Presentations and other huge projects since you could really get lost of track of your slides. Let’s look at how to Organize Slides into Sections.

Organizing Slides into Sections

  • Working with Sections is pretty straight forward. Open your desired Presentation and switch to Slide Sorter view. However, you can also use the normal view, Slide Sorter would be easier to view the organized sections.
  • Select a Slide from below which, you want to organize into sections. In the ribbon, Go to the Sections tab and create a new section by selecting Add Selection button.

Organize your PowerPoint presentations using sections

  • To rename the section for better organization, just right click on the section title and click on Rename Section option.
  • To delete or remove the section for better organization, just right click on the section title and click on Remove Section option. The Remove All sections is pretty self explanatory, it removes all the existing sections.

remove section

  • If you wish to move the section a position above or below, just right click on the Section title and choose Move Section Up/Move Selection Down option respectively.
  • It would be way simpler to delete various slides under the same section. You can also disable a certain section for the slideshow.

You must definitely start organizing your Presentation,  if you have collaboration with the presentation along with your colleagues and workmates.  It would be a lot easier to search for the specific slide in their workline and start designing.

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