5 Creative Ways To End A Speech

While presenting a speech, a number of speech gurus and orators are going to tell you that open your speech with a bang! Tell them something interesting that is going to blow their mind and capture their attention. And if you get them in the beginning, you will have them pretty much throughout your speech. But this is not the case.

Beginning your speech with a bang is great way to start, especially if you want to attract all ears to you. Most people tend to forget that ending your speech is also a critical part of effective oration! Ending your speech with a bang is as important as beginning your speech with a bang.

creative ways to end a speech

Imagine a situation where you open a speech and your audience seems excited, agreeing with all your points throughout. And when the time comes to conclude and end the speech, all what you muster is a thank you! If you were listening to your own speech, wouldn’t you be disappointed with the ending? That’s exactly why the closing of your speech is important!

Here are 5 creative ways to end a speech:


How about a powerful quote to end your speech? And obviously it has to be relevant to your speech too! But a quote is a great way to end your speech and helps in giving meaning to it.

Circular Close

In the circular close you refer back to your opening statement or anecdote. You can repeat the message again and summarize the main points of your speech that you want your audience to remember.

End With a Humorous Statement

Another creative way of ending your speech is to use humor! Humor is an effective way to get your point across to your audience, plus it helps to end a speech on a lighter note without compromising on the message that it contains.

Ending With a Story

If you want to try something new to end your speech, then try ending it with a short story or an anecdote that concludes all the main points of your speech. Not only will this catch your audience’s attention but will also end your speech with a bang!


One of the most effective techniques to end your speech is contrast! This method employs the use of contrasting statements to end your speech and is an effective way to get the message across to your audience.

So these were a few methods that you can employ to end your speech in a creative way! Though you can certainly employ your own methods as long as your audience stays glued to your speech!

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