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It’s a common practice in the corporate world to give your business cards to your contacts in order to help grow your business network. A business card that expresses your brand is an effective marketing tool that will help you and your company in the long run. And with our increasingly digital world where business correspondence and other data are sent via e-mail and other online means, it pays to have an email business card as well.

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The E-mail Business Cards Template for Outlook is a professionally designed template that can also help you look professional, as well as catch the attention of your email recipients. This impressive business card template links its data with your already existing Outlook account profile.

The template includes your name, job title or position, department, and company. It also allows you to display your contact information such as e-mail address, phone number, mobile number, and company or professional website.

Exceptional and Professional Business Cards for Emails

Beautifully Designed Template for Professional Users

The template design features a background of green leaves, which is unisex and fits many types of businesses. This design is perfect for those in industries such as tourism, planting, plants and produce, supermarket, natural foods, organic supplies, fertilizers, gardening, landscaping, and so many more. It can even be used in the arts, arts and crafts, paint, graphic design, and even those who are part of environmental or ecological causes.

Exceptional and Professional Business Cards for Emails

Did you know that you can export your contact information from Outlook as a vCard? Also, vCard can be embedded into QR Codes so you can easily share the contact information and scan the QR Code with any modern smartphone scanner. If you want to include the QR Code in a business card then you can download printable business cards with QR Code here.

The template is best for Outlook 2007 or later versions. If you own earlier Outlook versions, you can still use this template and enjoy backward compatibility.

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