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You can download free business card PowerPoint templates and business card template created using Microsoft PowerPoint. Also you can learn how to print high quality business card in partner websites for personal cards and business card. If you need business card designs for your business or company, you can download free business card templates including Photoshop (PSD) source from

Burgundy Waves Business Cards Template For Word


Despite many advancements in technology and gadgets, many people still rely on business cards to help them introduce themselves as they network. Business cards are the most basic tool, not only for business but for personal use as well. They are used for exchanging contact information, as well as for marketing products and services. It is through …

Customizable Business Card Clipart For PowerPoint

Business card clipart which comes with custom text and logo can help you create personalized business presentations, project proposals, corporate tutorials for employees and the like. Presenter Media provides some excellent custom clipart with the option to add your own text and logo to the clipart.

Best Websites For Making Business Cards

Despite a spike in online sales and transactions, the good old business card isn’t yet obsolete. The connections you make with customers during a face to face session still has more of an impact than virtual shopping carts. Getting your business cards printed can cost a fortune, especially if you need them for a number …

Download Free Business Card Templates at BFB

Many businesses often require making new business cards for different employees and information on cards can quickly change. In such a case getting cards printed and re-printed can incur a lot of cost. Business cards can be printed in-house instead of spending a lot of money on outsourcing the job. Businesscards.Business is a website which …

Show Sales Presentations To Clients On The Go With Point Drive

If you are a sales agent or someone who often requires showing clients different products or need to provide them with detailed information regarding a service, it might be handy for you to carry a presentation on a smartphone or tablet. However, conventional presentations made using mobile presentation apps can often leave a lot to …

Get Easy Online Invoicing, Inventory & Sales Management With Planet Soho

Planet Soho is one of the best web applications that can be utilized by any business to pave the way for a bigger brighter future. The application has been designed in a fashion that allows easy and swift usage and provides the users with a multitude of functions.

Business Cards Maker Template For PowerPoint

Business Card Template for Flower Shop and Design Industries

Nothing shows thoughtfulness than giving someone flowers. You can give flowers to mark any occasion, even give someone special on an ordinary day, just to show you care. In business, you can give not only your professional contact details but a little bit extra as well using this attractive template. You can give a flower-themed …

E-mail Business Cards Template For Outlook

Exceptional and Professional Business Cards for Emails

It’s a common practice in the corporate world to give your business cards to your contacts in order to help grow your business network. A business card that expresses your brand is an effective marketing tool that will help you and your company in the long run. And with our increasingly digital world where business …

Business Cards Template For Word Online

Create Professional-Looking Business Cards in Minutes

In this highly digital age, one might think that business cards are merely the last vestiges of a bygone era, like brochures or flyers. Many sites such as LinkedIn have made it easy to connect and contact people using the internet. However, it pays to add a personal touch and provide a business card for …