Animated Business Workforce PowerPoint Template

Depicting your workforce in a presentation can make it more attention grabbing, especially if your audience includes your workforce. This is because incorporating company workers, even if it is in a symbolic manner can help address each department of the organization and also leave a psychological impact on respective employees who are mentioned in the presentations. This might include addressing individuals or departments.

Business Workforce PowerPoint Template

The Animated Business Workforce PowerPoint Template can help you display your workforce within presentation slides using animated characters. You can use the animated slides and clipart images to symbolically depict different employees and departments to directly address your workforce during a presentation.

workforce powerpoint template

Grab The Attention of Your Workforce

Using this PowerPoint Presentation Template you can ensure a more attentive audience. This is because each individual will be willing to clearly understand what is being said about him/her or their team, be it instructions, critique, praise or performance related information.

address your workforce

Workforce Clipart Images

The workforce clipart images can be copied across your presentation to create slides for addressing specific employees or departments. These images provide different types of characters, including both male and female characters.

workforce clipart

Animated Workforce Chart

This template also features an animated workforce chart, as well as editable charts with a more conventional layout. You can edit the animated chart in this template to display statistics with workforce icons on the sample chart to create an infographic slide.

animated workforce chart

If you are looking to create a simple chart with some nice graphics that too is available in this template. Using the animated or static charts you can display your important data in the form of eye-catching charts, which can liven up your presentation.

bar chart for workforce template

The Animated Business Workforce PowerPoint Template can be downloaded in Standard or Widescreen format. This animated template works with:

  • PowerPoint for Windows and Mac
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Business Workforce Template (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Business Workforce Template (Widescreen Version)

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