How To Create A 3D Picture Flip Book in PowerPoint

For those involved in publishing, magazines, books, and similar industries, creating presentations that closely echo their line of work may be challenging. Aside from remaining visually interesting, your presentations should also be highly informative. Thus, writers, publishers, editors, and many others may find this PowerPoint Presentation Template below very useful for creating 3D flip book slides.

3D Flip Book Design as Stand-alone or Title Slide

Expertly Designed 3D Flip Book

This 3D Flip Book Template for PowerPoint is an expertly designed template that features a three-dimensional flipped picture book on a clean white and gray background. This template’s flip book design contains four fall-themed sample photos. These sample photos contain bright orange autumn leaves on trees.

This 3D Flip Book Template has enough space for a heading, subheading and text, or even small tables, graphs or charts, on one side. The Flip Book image is imposed on the lower-left hand side, providing adequate content to be displayed alongside it. Meanwhile, the background is light enough to make any text or object easily stand out, providing easy readability for the audience.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions for Intermediate Users

Customize However You Want

The 3D template is designed to be easily customizable so you can use it for any type or topic of presentation. The Notes Pane contains Intermediate instructions and guides so you can reproduce the slide or manipulate it in any way you want. These instructions are easy to understand and clear, which can also suit beginner to expert users of PowerPoint.

The sample pictures can be modified using effects, which can be found on the Format Pane on the Ribbon when you click on a photo. You can also change these photos for your own just by following the instructions. Meanwhile, the slide background of the template can also be customized for your own presentation or made to match your company colors by going to the Theme section under the Design tab on the Ribbon. The other half of the slide can then be used for writing text or inserting objects such as graphs, tables, and many more.

Easily Customize for Your Own Presentation

This template can be used for teaching seminars on bookbinding, photography, publishing, or for photography lessons, to name just a few.

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