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Last updated on April 4th, 2023

If you have ever needed sound effects for your marketing video, sales presentation, YouTube video or even an academic PowerPoint presentation, the chances are you were unable to find a free source. What’s even harder to find is a royalty free source for downloading sound effects. ZapSplat is a website from where you can download hundreds of free sound effects for commercial and non-commercial use.

Download free sound effects

How to download the FREE Sounds Pack?

Find the form at the end of this post and make sure to enter a valid email address. We will send you the direct link to download the FREE Sounds Pack with hundreds of free sound effects that you can use.

Search, Listen and Download Sound Effects from Zapsplat

At ZapSplat you can search and download sound effects via keyword or category. You can either use the search bar to look for relevant sound effects or go through the Sound Effects Categories. Moreover, you can listen to sound clips before downloading them, which ensures that you don’t end up downloading a bunch of effects that you might not need.

Rain sound effects

Hundreds of Effects Based on Realistic Sounds and Music

Whether you need an industrial sound, a bear growling, the sound of ocean waves, fireworks, sirens, bells, household sounds, cell phone sound effect, raccoon noises, alarm tones, telephone busy signal, telephone ringing, emergency alert system sounds, car crash sound effect, water dripping, mosquito sound effect, cash register sound effect, construction sounds or music loops, ZapSplat has it all. If you can think of a sound effect, the chances are ZapSplat will have it. This means that you might no longer require using expensive sources for downloading stock sound clips for your projects. If you are someone who requires working on editing projects or making graphics, you can use these sound clips to complement your downloaded Adobe Effects templates.

Sound effect categories

Integrate Sound Effects to Your Personal & Commercial Projects

Be it a class presentation, commercial video, blog post or podcast, you can integrate stock audio clips available at ZapSplat without worrying about copyright issues. Of course, you will have to adhere to the ZapSplat license agreement, which merely demands that you attribute the source in your projects and don’t redistribute their content.

Download sound effects

Bear in mind that you do not have the right to present yourself as the owners of the downloaded content and you cannot sell or commercially redistribute it. Apart from that you are also required to link to the ZapSplat website in your projects to give credit for the downloaded effects. For example, if you want to use their sound effects in a YouTube video, you can attribute to them in your end credits or perhaps link to them in the video description. For more details, see the ZapSplat License Agreement.

ZapSplat free sound effects

It is worth mentioning here that you will require signing up for a free account to begin downloading sound effects. Sound effects are available in MP3 format. We downloaded and verified the quality of sound effects from ZapSplat and found the effects to be of great quality, with perfect clarity. The sound effects sounded quite realistic (as one would expect), which makes them perfect for use in professional projects.

Enter a valid email address and your first name and we will send you the link to download the pack.

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