Create Live Polls For Prezi Presentations With is a web service which offers presenters with some very handy options for conducting live polls during presentations. We previously brought you a collection of tools for conducting Live polls during presentations, however, what makes stand out from the rest is that it enables inserting polls right within Prezi presentations.

How to Add Polls to Prezi Presentations

You can get started by logging in with a account and enable the Prezi option via Settings. Once done, go to the Prezi tab and enter the URL for your Prezi.

Add Prezi URL

In the next step, go to the Slides tab and insert a poll. You can add a new poll or use an existing one.

Create new poll

When making polls you can choose to create a single answer multiple choice poll, multi answer multiple choice poll, use a text based open ended question or use stars.

Create new poll

Once done, simply launch your Prezi in presentation mode and begin presenting it right from your account.

Present Prezi

You will be able to ask questions during Live presentations which can be answered by people using a given direct Link. You can also use the given embed code to embed the poll to a website.

Prezi poll

Users can use the direct link to answer questions using any Internet connected device. Other than Prezi, you can also create standalone polls and use them as a medium for gathering feedback for your presentations, such as when presenting PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

In such a case while delivering your presentation you can simply ask your audience to go to the given direct link to cast their votes.

Caste your votes

Video Demonstration for Adding Polls to Prezi Presentations

You can see the above mentioned process of adding polls to Prezis in action via the developer’s demo video given below. has various paid packages but you can try it out using the Basic version which lets you test drive major features of the service.

Go to

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