Convert your PowerPoint presentations to Flash

Either for e-learning courses, online web presentations or other applications, it may be useful to convert your PowerPoint or any other presentation file to Adobe Flash, even if there are better solutions around just like the new HTML5 approach (see PowerPoint to HTML5). In order to convert your PowerPoint presentations to Flash you can use paid solutions and converters from PPT to Flash, but there are other free solutions and alternatives that you can also use.

For example, we have used Windows Movie Maker to create AVI videos from PowerPoint files. You can export the PowerPoint to images, then embed the images in Windows Movie Maker and create a nice AVI movie with animations and ready to be uploaded to Youtube or any other video sharing platform.

Going a step further, you can encode the .avi video format to Flash .flv so you can transcode your existing videofiles to the advanced Flash Video (FLV) format with Riva FLV Encoder.

You can download free Riva FLV Encoder from this website:

The free application supports the following format: AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV, and can play FLV files using the built in Player or any other Adobe Flash Player.

This can be useful for example if you need to convert avi presentations or even PowerPoint presentations to Flash format using free tools and encoders.