Animated Red Earth PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

Red Earth is an Animated PowerPoint Template that can also be downloaded in the form of a customizable HD video animation. The PowerPoint version of this animation provides a single slide with a rotating earth video animation, which can be edited to add your own logo and text.

Generate Customizable Flare Text Effect For PowerPoint Presentations

Text effects in PowerPoint Presentations can be an effective method for making impressive slides that can instantly grab the attention of the audience. Such slides can be made for various purposes, such as for introducing a topic or the presentation. You can also amalgamate text effects in the form of video animations or animated slides …

Animated Digital Devices Video For PowerPoint Presentations

Digital Devices Orbit Cloud Video Background is an animated PowerPoint Video background which can be customized before and after download. This animated background is available as a WMV, FLV, and MOV file, as well as in PowerPoint (PPTX) format.

Animated Biology PowerPoint Template With Cell Division Animation

Presenter Media is famous for providing animated content for PowerPoint and Keynote, especially the kind of content that is hard to find. The Single Cell Dividing Video Animation by Presenter Media is a video background for presentations which is available in the form of an editable PowerPoint Template and in various video formats like WMV, …