Lotus Symphony Presentations: A freeware alternative to PowerPoint

Lotus Symphony Presentations is a free alternative for presentations software applications like Microsoft PowerPoint that is provided by IBM’s office suite. Symphony is a free presentation and editing application that is compatible with Microsoft’s Office PowerPoint and Lotus SmartSuite file formats including ODP files and PPT. It’s based on the core of LibreOffice (the successor of OpenOffice) but enhanced with a modern interface that was developed by IBM.

The presentation software uses from default the new standard Open Document (ODF), but it is also capable to show Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.org documents.

Lotus Symphony took from OpenOffice.org characteristics but comes with a changed interface. Once you open the application you will see a central window where you can create text documents like in Word, or spreadsheets like Excel spreadsheets or presentations as PowerPoint does. The application is freeware and you can edit Microsoft PowerPoint files, too.

Lotus Symphony works under Windows, Linux, and Mac. And the application lets you create presentations from scratch or use pre defined presentation templates.

IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations to create powerful, graphic, and imposing slide shows to convince your audience, whether you are presenting  your University thesis, your annual planning presentation, sales strategy, or your marketing plan.

The interface is very intuitive as other IBM Lotus products or even familiar enough for PowerPoint users. For example, you can access new presentations in tabs like the image below and the slide design interface has a notes view, slide view, outline view or the slide sorter.

The right panel has properties and slide layout where you can choose format options and slide layout style as well as presentation templates, favorites, access clipart gallery, or Navigator that list all your slides.

By using Lotus Symphony Presentations you can also take complete control on management of timing and flow control of slide show, slide transition with nice effects and presentation animations. Finally, the finished presentations can be saved in many different formats including the ability to export your work to PDF or HTML formats, facilitating sharing of files with others.

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