Download animated backgrounds and video templates for PowerPoint including some of the most beautiful PowerPoint templates with videos provided by PresenterMedia.

Create Professional Video Presentations with Renderforest


When it comes to creating video presentations, it helps when your visuals and transitions come out smoothly. This is why videos are often used to effectively deliver your message to your audience. It doesn’t matter what topic you are covering–you can definitely use a tool such as Renderforest to help you out.

Make Online Presentations with YouTube Videos & PowerPoint Slides with Zentation

Supplement Videos with Text

For speakers and professionals who rely heavily on slideshows to present information, you may want to consider giving the slides a break. Or at least mix it in with some seamless video to spruce things up. If you think this can be difficult, then perhaps you still haven’t heard of Zentation. This is a web service …

Best Whiteboard Animation Tools

Best Whiteboard Animation Tools

Whiteboard animations can be a good way for grabbing the attention of your intended audience. These animations can be used for making marketing videos, public service messages, reaching out to a wide audience via the internet, etc. Here are some of the best whiteboard animation tools that you can use to create whiteboard videos by …

Multi-Colored Tint Video Background For PowerPoint

You should always have something unexpected when it comes to your presentation slides. This helps ensure that your presentations always look interesting and memorable for your audience. There are many ways you can do this, such as by using the template below, which is one resource that can help you make interesting slide shows.

Thank You PowerPoint Template With Sunset Video


Whether you are closing a presentation, holding a Thanksgiving program, or simply want to thank your audience; you may consider doing it in something more elaborate. Despite your rush for time or your many other tasks, you can still find time to thank people such as your audience, employees, and guests by creating something that …

DocsPal: Free Online Converter & Viewer For Office, Video & Audio Files

Microsoft recently revamped its web app, making it more robust for viewing Office documents. But you don’t need something from a giant like Microsoft to be efficient enough to have better features. In fact, it is often less known services which end up being more feature rich than big guns. DocsPal is a free …

All You Need To Know About Skype For Business

Finally, Skype for Business has been launched for global users! Skype is one of the most trusted and preferred platforms to get connected with others universally and with the increasing pace of growing technology, this tool has also got facelift exclusively for the purpose of boosting up your business.

How To Create An Animated Picture Cube in PowerPoint

Create Wonder with this Cubism Video Shape on PowerPoint

A memorable presentation is something that brings something new, ingenious, and unexpected to the table. This type of presentation can make your audience wonder, “how did he do that?” and you know you have captured your audience.

Create Video Presentations From PowerPoint And PDF With MyBrainshark

Making video presentations out of PowerPoint is easily possible by converting PowerPoint to Video or with the help of the Camtasia Studio add-in. However, one may find it more convenient to have the flexibility to create video presentations that are easily editable, with the utility to add new slides anytime. MyBrainshark is a web service …