Color Pop Effect PowerPoint Template

Any drab or dull PowerPoint presentation will always light up with a color pop effect. You can go all monochromatic on your slides, but adding a pop of color, whether a high-contrast shape or accent, will add more interest to your whole presentation’s look and appeal. These pops of color will also make your presentation look elegant yet still whimsical enough without being over-the-top.


Add a Pop of Life in your Slides

The Color Pop Effect PowerPoint Template is one such template that uses color pop effect to make your presentations interesting. Whether you are looking for a single slide that will wow your audience or you’re looking for a title slide that will make your presentation stand out, this template has it all in one slide.

This Color Pop Effect template features a single slide that has a photo-realistic image of leaves in dark and monochromatic gray. This is only set off by a bright yellow and green set of leaves that stands out from the bunch. The template also has a green transparency overlay with text for your caption or statement.

This single slide template can be inserted to your already existing slideshow as a title slide, transition slide, subtitle slide, or even as a way to emphasize your point anywhere in your slideshow. It can also be used as an ending slide or to inform your audience that you are going to start taking questions or feedback.


Versatile and Easily Customizable

The background image with the color pop itself can also be further customized. Just click on the color pop leaves and click on the Format menu that populates. Here, you have many options to choose from, such as Corrections, Colors, Artistic Effects, Quick Styles, and many others. Likewise, you can customize the green gradient overlay on which the text is located. Just click on the shape and go to the Format menu to customize as you please.


This template is quite versatile, as it can be used for many presentation topics, such as science, biology, tourism, farming, agriculture, gardening, nature, energy, art, design, fashion, and many more.

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