Silhouette With Quotations PowerPoint Template

There are many ways to use a quotation in a presentation. Often, quotations are meant to emphasize a point, lend expert opinion on what you are trying to say, or share some inspiring words with your audience. Quotations are great as they also lend a voice to the information behind your PowerPoint presentation. So if you’re looking for a way to show a quotation in your slideshow, you will find this next template useful.


The Silhouette with Quotations PowerPoint Template is a very handy template that you can use to add some pizzaz to your quotation. Instead of simply typing your quotations on your slide, you can use this slide template for that.

Make Your Quotations Stand Out

This slide template has a different background that makes it stand out against your other slides so that your audience will definitely take notice. However, you can still use the background of your already existing presentation by applying your theme to this template. Whatever you prefer, you can be sure of one thing: that your presentation will be extra special with this silhouette and quotations template.

This template features a black and blue gradient background that makes it look professional, formal and modern. The look makes it great for business presentations such as company profiles, stockholder’s presentation, report slides and many others.


Customize to Complement Your Deck

The background is set off with a portrait-style rectangular box with a bevel and shadow effect. This box has a lighter blue background that contrasts with the silhouette of a man in dark gray. Beside it are four lines where you can type in your quotations. You can also type in other things, such as important statements or a few points tied to your topic.


What’s great about this template is that you can customize it in many ways. You can adjust the text and write as many lines as you need because there is enough space on the slide for that. You can also change the background and apply effects to the silhouette to complement your topic or presentation theme.

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