Animated City Infographic PowerPoint Template

The Animated City Infographic PowerPoint Template is a city themed template with infographic slides. There are a number of interesting animated layouts which depict buildings, vehicles and city life with placeholders to help you design slides as infographics to represent data and trends.

City infographics PowerPoint template

Recolor and Edit Slide Objects

Virtually each object within the sample slides can be edited. For example, you can recolor clipart images depicting vehicles, people, buildings and even slide objects like the road by recoloring them in PowerPoint. To create your own layouts, you can copy the individual objects or drag to rearrange them.

The slides also have tooltips to guide you regarding the customization possibilities. These tooltips point towards some of the content that can be easily customized according to your requirements. This might include changing the color of an object or adding custom content to a placeholder.

City themed infographics

Multipurpose Slide Layouts

The layouts give you the opportunity to convert sample content into anything from infographics to timelines, roadmaps or even comparison slides. Similarly, you can use the sample layouts to even make conventional slides with information represented with some visual aids.

Multipurpose slide designs

City Life illustrations

There are a number of city life illustrations which provide different scenes representing daily city life. Such illustrations can be used in a number of ways, such as for elaborating upon real estate, construction, city planning, transit system and a number of other topics. You can also use the given illustrations to depict a consumer market or when talking about a market niche.

City life illustrations

Transport Vehicle Illustrations

One of the interesting aspects of this template is that it gives a wide range of transport clipart within slides. This includes aeroplanes, taxis, cars and bicycles. This clipart, like other slide objects can be individually edited, copied and resized according to need.

Transpor t slide with aeroplane illustration

Diagrams Slides with Clipart

There are also circular diagrams which can be quite handy in representing information with the aid of city themed clipart, which is also available with these sample diagrams. Each part of the diagram comes in a different color to help explain different parts of a sub-topic. You can also recolor these diagrams according to need.

Eight circles diagram for PowerPoint

If you’re looking for a good city themed presentation template, then this animated template is a pretty good resource for making professional presentations, be it infographic presentations or conventional slide decks.

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