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SemesterPlanner is a web service which acts as your personalized learning management system for keeping track of your classes, assignments, notes and documents. Many online portals provided by universities can be quite inadequate and it can be hard to customize them to keep track of important events or to save documents online. This is where SemesterPlanner can help you customize and track your important events and documents throughout the semester. Whether you require checking out your weekly class schedule or need to see when your PowerPoint presentation might be due, SemesterPlanner can help you track all that with ease.

SemesterPlanner can be accessed by signing up for a free account, after which you can begin configuring details about your semester from the Dashboard.


Add And Track Your Semester

From the Dashboard students can create and maintain various semesters. This can not only be helpful to see your current schedule but also for revisiting your old semester anytime. To add a new semester to your schedule, go to the Semesters tab and enter semester details (e.g. Semester Title and Season).

New Semester

Add Courses To Track Classes

After a semester has been added, you can add courses and specify a schedule for them. This can help you track your classes by selecting a semester (from the Semesters tab) and going to View Classes.

Add Course

Add And Track Assignments

Similarly, you can add and track your assignments to check your schedule using SemesterPlanner anytime. Organizing assignment and related semester details in such a way can help you check your schedule on the go to ensure that you are able to submit your projects on time. As you can see from the image given below, you can easily track upcoming, late and complete assignments to see at a glance what projects may be in need of immediate attention.

Add Assignments

Create And Share Notes

The Notes tab can be used to add and save notes. You can also share your notes to collaborate with class fellows. You can use the built in editor to create and make changes to notes, add list items, highlight important areas and more.

Create Notes

The free version of SemesterPlanner is limited to one semester, however you can upgrade for a nominal amount to remove all restrictions.

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