Business Loan Analysis Template (Loan Tree) With Loan Approval Process

If you are planning to start a business venture but you lack capital, it may be a good idea for you to apply for a loan from a bank. Many businesses get funding this way. However, banks have strict requirements and they may need to look into your financial standing and other criteria before they decide to loan you an amount for your business start-up. Bankers look for businesses with solid, well-developed and effective root systems that will provide cash for inventory buildups, expansion into new markets, and additions to plant or equipment.


Microsoft Office provides many templates for loans. This particular template, the Business Loan Analysis Template With Loan Approval Process, provides a clear-cut and detailed overview of the loan process and whether or not you can get your desired loan.

The Loan Tree Template Spreadsheet

The Business Loan Analysis Template with Loan Approval Process contains the Loan Tree. The Loan Tree is divided into two parts, the growth and the roots. For the growth, also called Business Growth, it has components required for a business to grow, such as Purchase of Equipment, Seasonal Working Capital, Purchase or Expansion of Facilities, and New Markets, Products, Branches and/or Sales Force.

The second part, the roots, is where the actual approval process takes place. The root holds whether a loan will be approved or denied. It includes the following considerations: Your Position in the Industry, Credit Record, Company Management, Asset Quality, Industry Condition, and Cash Flow Debt. Under these criterias are subcategories which you will score 1 (for “Yes”) or 2 (for “No”). Based on the answers on these subcategories, the free Excel template will calculate whether or not you are eligible for a Business Loan.


Free And Easy To Use

This Business Analysis Template with Loan Approval Process is easy to use even if you are not tech savvy when it comes to spreadsheets or Excel documents. All you have to do is to score “1” or “0” on the square rectangles next to the subcategories. These are all criteria that banks will look into when deciding to qualify you for a loan, so it is best that you are familiar with these and you know where you stand.

This template will help you evaluate your business through the rates or scores you apply, so you can determine your final approval score. This template contains macros that are validated by Microsoft. In order for the template to function fully, all you have to do is to click on Enable Macros when prompted during download.

You can download this Free Excel Template Business Analysis Template with Loan Approval Process from

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