Applicability Check On PaperShow Starter Notepad

PaperShow is an excellent digital writing program that you can use to make a PowerPoint Presentation in place of flip charts. It is actually very easy to set up this amazing tool, which is used to display paper notes on the monitor screen during presentations. Papershow Starter Notepad starts immediately and works well after connecting with a computer (PC or Mac). You will get a great variety of colors to choose from such as green, white, black, red and yellow. You also have the freedom to choose different and attractive color backgrounds on your computer screen. Not just this, if you find that there is some mistake on the computer screen or wherever you are using it, then you can also erase that.


You can also use sound effects in your PaperShow Power Point Template  and it is too easy to save files and email them directly. It gives you the ease to import your PowerPoint document and write directly on them.

The PaperShow Starter Kit has Three Main Elements:

  • 1 PaperShow Notepad (48 Sheets) A4 Format
  • 1 PaperShow 8.5″ X 11″ (30 Sheets) Printer Paper
  • 1 Digital Pen PaperShow
  • USB Key

PaperShow Starter Kit Accessories:

  • Pen: 1 AAA battery, 3 Ink Refills, 4 Colored Rings to Personalize the Pen
  • Key: 1 Pen Holder to Carry the Key and the Pen, 4 Colored Rings to Personalize the Key, 1 Binder to Carry and File the PaperShow Printed Sheets


  • Easy Installation
  • Easy-to-use
  • Portable (can be taken anywhere as it comes with AAA battery)
  • Inexpensive (Paper Replacement)
  • No Need to Install Any Program
  • Supports Window and Mac
  • Easy Emailing, File can be Stored in White Boards in PDF Format
  • Import Pictures, Print them on PaperShow, and Draw them on the whiteboard


  • When you Erase from the White Board, it leaves Scribble Marks
  • Doesn’t Work Well on All Types of Papers. Need to Stock up PaperShow Paper
  • Can’t Use Mouse on White Paper
  • Need Registration for Online Support Access.

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