College Loan Calculator for Excel

Most college students rely on different funding sources to pay for their education. While some get their funds from personal savings, family savings, or scholarships and grants, many also get their funding from college loans.

Present Value Calculation Using Excel

In economics, determining the present value of an income stream is always important because it can help tell the future value of loans, funds, bonds, mortgages, and the like. This is because Present Value Calculation is not as complicated as it sounds. With the help of Excel, it can be easily calculated.

How To Create A Loan Analysis Worksheet in Excel

Loan Analysis Worksheet Templates for Personal and Corporate Loans

A Loan Analysis is a method of ensuring that the loans created are made on feasible terms to clients and that they can and will pay them back. A loan analysis will also help determine which loans generate income and are eligible according to set criteria. Other objectives of a loan analysis is to assess the …

Free Balloon Payment Excel Template

Calculate Your Loan and Plan Your Budget

Balloon loans can be attractive and preferred type of loans for those looking for something short-term. Balloon loans carry smaller interest rates compared to longer-term loans. You can find a balloon loan payment calculator from the Office portal by opening a new Excel document and searching for balloon loan payment template.

Simple Personal Finance Statement Template For Excel

Professionally Designed Finance Statement for Personal Use

Many people often fall into a financial trap they have unknowingly made for themselves. Whether due to lack of planning, foresight, proper personal accounting or for whatever reason, having a personal financial statement is necessary. This also helps you avoid spending more than what you earn and therefore save.

Business Loan Analysis Template (Loan Tree) With Loan Approval Process


If you are planning to start a business venture but you lack capital, it may be a good idea for you to apply for a loan from a bank. Many businesses get funding this way. However, banks have strict requirements and they may need to look into your financial standing and other criteria before they …

Home Mortgage Calculator Template For Excel


Keeping track of home mortgage loan amortization and other loans that you may have can be very tricky. With so many bills to pay and payments to manage, being on top of every financial aspect of your life can be overwhelming. The Home Mortgage Calculator Template For Excel helps you ease some of the burden. …

Calculate Mortgage Loan Amortization with an Excel Template

If you need to calculate the Mortgage Loan amortization then this Excel template spreadsheet can be very helpful. The spreadsheet is very simple to use, you just need to open Excel and then create a new workbook. Look for available templates and search for mortgage in the search box. This will show you the free …