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Download business tools for presentations including awesome web conference tools and presentation tools to make online meetings. Download free templates for popular presentation software like PowerPoint or animated PowerPoint templates with catchy styles and effects.

Microsoft Power BI: A Powerful Cloud Based Business Analytics Service

In business, powerful business intelligence tools can mean complexities that can be overwhelming and confusing. For example, in Excel, building and analyzing data will result to many windows and interfaces that go beyond the Excel spreadsheet. You have to venture into Power Query, Power Pivot, to visualization in Power Map, and so on. While these …

All You Need To Know About QuickBooks Online Accounting Software

Intuit QuickBooks is a famous accounting software used by small, medium size and even large organizations around the world. QuickBooks has famous desktop apps for Windows and Mac, but perhaps their most exclusive application is the one that works from the cloud; i.e. QuickBooks Online ( In what is to follow, we will provide you …

Transform Your Website To A Personalized Live Site For Clients With vCita

Having a website has become quite a necessary tool even for small and medium size businesses. Websites are no longer limited to large corporate entities, as even a local retailer can sell goods more efficiently using an online store. However, many websites lack the personalized feel that is required to engage customers and to turn …

Business Trip Checklist Maker For Microsoft Word

Professionally Designed and Functional Business Trip Checklist

Nothing can ruin a trip than forgetting something important. This is especially true not only for personal vacations but Also for business trips. Being on a business trip can often preempt a transaction, or even a huge deal for your company. A business trip can also be an avenue for you to show your boss …

Conduct Virtual Events With On24

Virtual Environments with On24

Today’s technological advancements allow us to not only talk with people from other parts of the globe–it allows us to talk to them as if we are face-to-face. With a click of a button meetings, conferences, seminars, and even parties can be held in what we call as webcasting.

Convert Speech To Text On Your Phone With Mirsk Dictation Solutions

Imagine a busy day: brainstorming, studying, preparing for a PowerPoint Presentation, creating a report and the deadline is near. Your hands are full, literally and figuratively. How convenient would it be to have a tool that just does all the typing for you as you speak so you can do more things and multi-task?

Microsoft Dynamics: Business Solutions For Sales And Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics lets you make the most of opportunity

For businesses, there are many enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software available online. One of these software is Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise products containing easy-to-learn and easy-to-use business solutions tailored to your market and designed to suit your business needs. The Microsoft Dynamics suite offers a …

Strategy Pyramid For Management Using SmartArt Graphics

The strategy pyramid for management can be considered as the backbone of your business and missing just one of its component will render your business weak or unstable. Hence, you can better plan for your business if you can present the management strategies in a clear and organized manner and needless to say, using Pyramid …

Business Loan Analysis Template (Loan Tree) With Loan Approval Process


If you are planning to start a business venture but you lack capital, it may be a good idea for you to apply for a loan from a bank. Many businesses get funding this way. However, banks have strict requirements and they may need to look into your financial standing and other criteria before they …

Salary Scale Comparison Template for Word


A pay scale or a salary scale is a system that every company should have for its employees. A salary scale determines how much an employee should earn depending on a variety of factors. These factors would include the employee’s rank or status within your company’s organization, the length of time that the employee has …