Best Tools To Manage Enterprise Based Data Sharing

Data sharing is an integral part of an organization. In an enterprise-based model, it becomes important that the data sharing occurs in a secure and seamless manner. Since data sharing plays, an important role in the functioning of the organization there is definitely a need of having a well-structured and efficient approach towards data sharing.

The world has turned towards Cloud based systems and this has helped in making sure that data in itself is available at all times to users in different locations. There are a number of tools that offer amazing data sharing abilities with an added level of security.

Tools for enterprise data sharing

Some of the best tools to manage enterprise-based data sharing and project management are as follows:

Teambox (Redbooth)

It has been the frontrunner for quite some time now, and has been voted the best team management and collaborative work process enhancing tool. The USP of this tool is ‘Simple works best’. The interface is well designed and well organized and this allows you to get familiar with the tool readily.
Teambox (now known as Redbooth) allows you to easily store files and file folders on the cloud and at the same time has a feature of real time chats and emails available that enables you to stay up to date at all times.



One of the most creatively rich applications for the enterprise. Huddle takes team management and data sharing to the next level. The application allows easy task and milestone tracking and at the same time has a centralized discussion room in order to help everyone stay on top of the situation. One can easily attach files to the tasks and also manage the access permissions in an effective manner. Although, the account costs $15 per user per month, but it is totally worth it.



Communication is the key to success for any organization and Basecamp is all about simplifying communication and data sharing. It is one of the most favorite data sharing platforms for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and project managers. A well designed interface and an easy to use data sharing module makes it the perfect application for any enterprise.


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