Top Gmail Inbox Features That Will Make Sure Emailing is Fun

With the introduction of advanced Gmail features, managing even hundreds of emails a day has become simple and easy. This amazing email service has helped thousands of people specially the business people throughout the world to manage their emails in an efficient manner.

Top Gmail features

Following is the list of top Gmail inbox features that will make sure that emailing is fun, simple and easy:

Attachment Alerter

Many a times you might have forgotten to attach the file or document along with an important business email that gives a very unprofessional note to the receiver. In order to make sure that you attach the important documents, Gmail provides an attachment alerter if the word attach is written in the mail and the file has not been attached yet.

Search for Email and Google Drive Documents

Gmail search feature is just perfect and there is no surprise to this, as search is Google’s core business. Putting in the search word in Gmail search box searches for all the messages including emails in sent, chat messages, inbox, drafts and all the messages that are archived and labeled.

You can also enable search for Google Drive documents to be able to search for your files directly from Gmail. If this feature is not enabled for you, click the cog icon from the top right corner of your Gmail account and go to Settings->Labs and check ‘Apps Search’.

Add third party plugins

Even though Gmail is one of the email clients best served with features, it is also very flexible. You can add third party plugins to Gmail through the Google Workspace Marketplace or even the Chrome Store. These extensions can improve dramatically the way your used to working: sharing email inboxes, scheduling messages, and tracking emails.

Automatic Email Forwarding

In case, you want to forward all or selective emails to another account, Gmail provides you with reliable options- keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox, Archive Gmail’s copy, Delete Gmail’s copy. Also, if you do not want to forward all the emails, then you can create a filter for forwarding the particular emails.

For accessing email forwarding options go to Settings-> Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Efficiently Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts

You all may be having multiple Gmail accounts for different reasons. Sometimes, it becomes tedious to check all the mails of different accounts, no one feels to login and logout to each account and check mails in every account. For this problem, the solution would be forwarding all mails from different accounts to one single account.

You can either click your avatar and login simultaneously to another account by choosing the ‘Add Account’ option or enable Multiple Inboxes from Settings->Labs.

Amend Gmail Look Using Themes

You can change the Gmail look and themes according to your choice in order to make it more live. Gmail provides you with numerous themes. Select a theme of your choice and make it your own Gmail theme. Some themes change with time of the day, depending on weather conditions and local sunrise and sunset. To select a theme, go to Settings->Themes.

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