10 Easy to Use Online Design Tools to Make Great Graphics

Last updated on March 4th, 2024

Many bloggers, social media marketing experts and even business professionals are now expected to create some type of graphics, even if they have no professional experience in working with graphic design tools. This is because a number of easy-to-use design tools have made it easy to create everything from business diagrams to banner for blog posts and social media. Whether you’re an experienced graphic designer or someone looking to add something extra to your resume, you can use the following 10 easy to use online design tools to create great graphics.

10 Easy to Use Online Design Tools

There are a number of workarounds people with little or no graphic design experience can use to create good looking graphics. They can use premium and free PowerPoint templates or features like PowerPoint Designer and Morph to create illustrations and save them as images. Similarly, they can use online tools and incorporate royalty free illustrations to create professional-looking content.

Graphics created using various methods can be helpful for making banners and posts for social media that can be more engaging, to create graphics for presentations and for making infographics, charts and business diagrams for reports. For people who are not expert graphic designers, it is best to refine images using various tools to create something that looks crisp and attractive. If you’re not an expert at Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator or CorelDraw, the tools mentioned below can help you create professional looking graphics without breaking a sweat.

Best online design tools

1. DesignBold

DesignBold is an easy to use online tool that has been designed to help in the easy creation of graphics for various purposes including documentation, PowerPoint presentations, social media engagement, restaurant menus, etc. There are a number of useful templates that you can use to create your graphics. All you need to do is to sign up, pick a template and add text and images to create great looking graphics or use them as background templates for PPT. DesignBold provides a free version with 2GB storage and access to over 10,000 templates. For more advanced features, DesignBold offers a subscription-based model with unlimited storage, brank kits, premium templates and post scheduling feature for social media.

2. Crello

Like DesignBold, Crello is another very useful online design tool for making graphics with the help of readymade designs. You can choose from over 30,000 designs that you can edit in a few easy steps. The available templates include both static and animated graphics. This can help you create eye-catching and engaging content for your audience. The free version of Crello is limited to 5 downloads per month, while still providing free users access to HD images and animations.

3. Adobe Spark

People nowadays look for various reviews before ordering products or going shopping. Small stores don’t have the budget for making videos or advertising their outlets on a large scale. This is where tools like Adobe Spark can be quite handy. The app brings your stories to life by making everything a design tool. You can record short clips, add graphical elements and save your videos for use across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or a TikTok channel, as well as for your pitch decks. Adobe Spark has apps for iOS and Android and also works from a web browser.

4. Flipsnack

If you want a design tool for making brochures, catalogs, menus, albums and portfolios that can be easily shared online, you should give Flipsnack a shot. This online design tool converts your visual content into shareable flipbooks that can be either shared online or downloaded as a PDF. You can create flipbooks using Flipsnack by uploading PDF and JPG files or by using available templates.

5. Snappa

Snappa is one of the easiest online design tools for making graphics. Like other online design tools of its kind, you can pick a template, repurpose it and create a sharp-looking graphic in no time. For example, you can pick a template for Facebook according to dimensions that will prevent it from appearing out of place once posted. This is because Snappa provides templates according to recommended resolutions and sizes for different types of graphics.

Other than social media platforms, Snappa also has templates for infographics, profile pictures, eBook covers, etc. Snappa has a free version with limited functionality that can be used to test drive the service. You can get a demo of how to use Snappa from the video below, which shows how to create a Facebook cover using the service.

6. Canva

In a previous post, we included Canva in our list of best PowerPoint alternatives. But it’s more than just an online presentation design tool. Canva is among one of the oldest services that popped up when online design tools were in their infancy. With a free and various premium versions, Canva is a great tool for making all kinds of graphics online with the help of templates for virtually anything you can imagine. You can use Canva whether you need a template for content that you need to post on your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter profile posts or need to create brochures, website banners, design documents or even your presentation slides.

7. Pixlr

Pixlr is a tool that can help you transform your photos into great looking graphics. You can upload pictures and edit them online from a browser using Pixlr. What makes the tool really useful is that you can add various graphical elements to your pictures to make them surreal. Pixlar has two versions, including the easy to use Pixlr X and the more advanced Pixlr E. Both versions come with a free package with limited editing tools. As an alternative, you can also use some of the built-in features in PowerPoint to enhance your presentations with visual aids.

8. Pablo

Pablo is a graphic design tool that has been created to help you make your social media posts engaging. You can design attractive social media posts within an easy to use interface with the help of templates and tools that can enable you to make visualizations that stand out.

9. Drawtify

A very effective way of making your messages memorable is to use storyboarding. To do that you need something that can bring your simple text to life. Drawtify can help you create storyboards using nothing more than bits of text that you can liven up with characters to create scenes, infographics, stories and the like. You can then download your stories as PNG or JPG files.

10. Infogram

As the name implies, Infogram is a graphic design tool for making infographics. Within a few easy steps, you can create great looking infographics for your presentations, documents, website and even video projects. Infogram allows users to import data, create charts and maps, social media posts, as well as to share and publish them online.

Final Words

The 10 services mentioned above are some of the websites to create infographics, and provide a diverse range of options for not only experienced but also novice users who might be looking to find their feet when it comes to designing graphics. You can even use them if you have zero experience in making graphics since the readymade templates are as easy to edit as PowerPoint templates. These recommended online design tools can help people stay ahead in the competitive job market, which has an ever-growing demand for additional skills expected from candidates. Furthermore, the ability to design your own graphics can be a great way of adding some crisp to your resume, by offering something that can give you an edge over other candidates.

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